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April 2008

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2008

1. Roll Call: Members Present: Chairman Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Jim Dodd, Kelani Parisien, Art Todd III, Craig Neys, Dennis Nelson, Thomas Merrick (Attorney), Andrew Schneider (Manager), Maureen Linn (Admin Asst). Members Absent: Kelani Parisien. Visitors: Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun), Jon Cave (First Class Aviation), Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Kevin Hermanson (First Class Aviation) and Al Lamp.

2. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearings Noted.

3. Notification of Conflict of Interest: No conflicts noted.

4. Introduction of New Airport Manager: Chairman Johnny Klingenberg introduced the new Airport Manager Andrew J. Schneider to the board and the audience present.

5. Meeting Minutes
Review and Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of March 12, 2008 ( Pages 1-3):
Motion was made by Mr. Nelson to accept and approve the March 12, 2008
board minutes; Mr. Boyd seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

Review and Approve the Special Meeting Minutes of March 28, 2008 ( Pages 4-6):
Motion was made by Mr. Nelson to accept and approve the March 28, 2008
special meeting minutes; Mr. Boyd seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

6. Financial Information
Audit Report - 2007- Tabled until May 2008 board meeting.

Review & Approve Indebtedness Report - (Pages 7-9): Motion was made by Mr.
Nelson to accept and approve the Indebtedness Report; Mr. Todd seconded; all
voted aye, motion carried.

Financial Information as of December 31, 2007 & 2006 -as of 04/04/08 the Bank
Statement had not been received from Wells Fargo Bank.

Accounts Receivable (Page 10): For board review.
Budget vs. Actual 2007 (Page 11): For board review.

7. Air Show
Liability Insurance: Mr. Cave informed the board that the quote would be here
11th of April. The quote will include alcohol, product liability, rental cars and weather. The coverage will cover from Friday through Sunday, June 27 to June 29. Mr. Neys also presented Mr. Klingenberg with a check for $5000.00 from the Knights of Columbus for the Air Fest.

8. Project Reports
a. 2007
Department of Homeland Security Grant
Taxiway A Extension and Wetlands
b. 2008
Phase II Terminal Plan and Wetlands
Strategic Planning Reports
Mr. Aldinger presented the information. The board expressed interest in a state
aeronautics board plan to add covered boarding ramps to the four smaller
airports in North Dakota. Estimated cost for the ramps approaches $200,000
depending on options chosen. The board would like a state contract for four
units the cost can be lowered. The project is not slated for 2008 but possibly
2009 or 2010. The board also discussed advertising the new flight schedule
for Northwest Airlines that includes a non-stop flight from Jamestown to

9. Mesaba
End of the Month Passenger Boarding: Information was not available from
Mesaba at the time of the board meeting.

10. Human Resources
Review and Approve the Personal Policy Manual changes (Pages 12-14):
Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the personal policy manual changes;
Mr. Todd seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

Review and Approve the Board Organizational Policy Manual: per Ms. Parisien's
request, the updates were tabled until the May 2008 board meeting.

Manager's Report: Mr. Schneider gave a brief report. A motion was made by
Mr. Dodd to purchase two way radios for Mr. Hatch, Mr. Martinez and Mr.
Schneider not to exceed $1000; seconded by Mr. Nelson; all voted aye, motion

11. Equipment: Mr. Todd presented the board with information.

12. Other Business: Mr. Klingenberg talked about a meet and greet for Mr. Schneider
at the airport from 4 to 5:30 pm on Friday, April 11, 2008.

13. Summer Events
Jamestown Air Fest: June 28, 2008 (June 29, 2008 - Rain Date) (Pages 15-16)
Jamestown Fly-In: July 25-August 4, 2008
Jamestown Drag Race: August 23-24, 2008 (September 6- 7, 2008 - Rain Dates)
Pages (17-18)

14. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.