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February 2008

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2008 - 6:00 pm

1. Roll Call: Members Present: Chairman Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Jim Dodd, Kelani Parisien, Dennis Nelson, Thomas Merrick (Attorney), Jennifer Eckman (Manager), Maureen Linn (Admin Asst). Members Absent: Art Todd III and Craig Neys. Visitors: Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun), Jon Cave (First Class Aviation), Glenn Christianson (Drag Racing Association), Steve Vivien (Civil Air Patrol), Vicky Hassler (Midstate Realty), Steve and Kathy Aldinger (Interstate Engineering).

2. Hearings from the Audience: No hearings noted.

3. Notification of Conflict of Interest: No conflicts noted.

4. Leases and Building Sales
a. Right of First Refusal
b. Building N and O Sales
Vicky Hassler (Midstate Realty) spoke to the Board. Building O will be listed for $95,000.00 and building N for $18,500.00 First Class Aviation passed on purchasing the buildings at that price. If an offer is made the board will not be informed of the amount until First Class Aviation has an opportunity to make an offer. A motion was made by Chairman Klingenberg to proceed to list the properties with Midstate Realty; Mr. Boyd and Ms. Parisien seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

c. First Class Aviation Lease: First Class Aviation agreed to lease the buildings for $300.00 per month with a $100.00 per month credit for allowing the Civil Air Patrol to use the old airport manager's office for their headquarters. The rent starts February 1, 2008. First Class has been in the buildings since November 15, 2007 without a signed lease. Ms. Parisien stated it was foolish to have them rent for this period of time without one. A concern by Ms. Parisien was the FAA regulations as to the fair market value of the property. She asked that Ms. Eckman look into it. Mr. Nelson stated all the information needed was correct and that the board should proceed with the lease agreement. Motion was made by Mr. Nelson to approve the First Class Aviation Lease; seconded by Mr. Dodd; Ms. Parisien voted no, motion carried.

5. Review and Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of January 9, 2008: Motion was made by Mr. Boyd to approve the January 9, 2008 board minutes; Mr. Nelson seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

6. Financial Information:
a. Review & Approve Indebtedness Report: Motion was made by Mr. Nelson to accept and approve the Indebtedness report; Ms. Parisien seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.

b. Financial Information as of January 31, 2008: No discussion was held.

c. Accounts Receivable: No discussion was held.

d. Budget vs. Actual 2008: For board review. Mr. Nelson stated that the sale of the buildings should not be included in the capital assets section.

7. Board Policy Manual, Committee Assignments, & Elections
a. Review & Approve Terms for Airport Board Members: Mr. Klingenberg presented information to the board concerning their bylaws. Under the new rules the chairman serves for a two year term and is limited to two consecutive terms. Board members will serve five year terms and are also limited to two consecutive terms. Mr. Klingenberg also requested committee assignments for the board that will be finalized at the March board meeting. Jim Dodd and Kelani Parisien were recommended for the legal and finance committee, Craig Neys for the operations and maintenance committee, Jim Boyd and Jim Dodd for the communications and marketing committee, Johnny Klingenberg and Dennis Nelson for the design and construction committee and Art Todd and Kelani Parisien were suggested for the human resources committee. Mr. Nelson suggested that 2 board members be under operations and maintenance. A motion was made by Ms. Parisien to approve as written; Mr. Boyd seconded, Mr. Nelson voted nay, motion carried.

b. Review & Approve Board Policy Manual: Tabled to the March board meeting.

c. Realignment of Portfolios to Committee Assignments: See 12 a.

d. Treasurer: A Motion was made by Mr. Boyd to nominate Ms. Parisien for the position of treasurer. She is a member of the legal and finance committee; Mr. Dodd seconded, all voted aye, motion carried.

8. Project Reports
a. 2006
i. Small Community Air Service Development Grant: No discussion was held.

ii. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Building: Mr. Aldinger stated that the Overhead Door has a two year warranty and the report was to be closed out. He also stated the project came in $28,000.00 under budget.
b. 2007
i. Department of Homeland Security Grant: No discussion was held.

ii. Taxiway A Extension and Wetlands: Mitigation is continuing. Update at the March board meeting.
c. 2008
i. Phase II Terminal Plan and Wetlands: The EAPC out of Grand Forks has been contacted to do a asbestos and mold test on the airport terminal.

ii. Strategic Planning Reports: No discussion was held.
9. Mesaba
a. End of the Month Passenger Boarding: No report was given due to the information had not been received from Mesaba.

10. Human Resources
a. ND PERS 457 Plan: A motion was made by Mr. Boyd to approve and employee individual PERS 457 plan which will be available to all employees; Mr. Nelson seconded, all voted aye, motion carried.

b. Training and Conferences: The Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium will be held March 2-4, 2008 in Fargo, ND. Up to 5 board members can attend. Let Ms. Eckman know by Friday, February 15, 2008 if you plan to attend.

c. Employee Policy Handbook Updates: Tabled to the March 2008 board meeting.

d. Manager's Report: For board review. No action taken.

11. Equipment: Ms. Eckman stated that the 2008 Ford air intake will be retrofitted on February 14, 2008 at RM Stoudt due to clogging of snow and ice.

12. Other Business
a. Drag Racing Request: A motion was made by Mr. Nelson to approve a request from the Jamestown Drag Racing Association to allow drag racing for a date in August to be determined later pending FAA approval; Mr. Boyd seconded, all voted aye, motion carried.

Upcoming Events
b. Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium, March 2-4, 2008 - Fargo: See 10 b.

c. Jamestown Air Show, June 28 (29-rain day), 2008: Ms. Eckman stated that the Commerative Air Force contacted her and will be part of the air show. Work is still continuing on getting the migs from Iowa. Mr. Klingenberg looks forward to a super event.

d. Jamestown Fly-In on Your Way to Oshkosh, July 25-August 4, 2008: Ms. Eckman stated that Mr. Cave is working on advertising for the event.

14. Additional Business: Ms. Eckman presented the board with information to switch telephone service from McLeod USA to DCT Communications. We already have our computer and television service through them. Possibility of a package deal is available. Ms. Parisien moved to transfer the service to DCT Communications when the contract expires with McLeod USA; Mr. Boyd seconded, all voted aye, motion carried.

Steve Vivien mentioned that on Saturday May 3, 2008 The Civil Air Patrol would be having a Search and Rescue Day at the Jamestown Regional Airport.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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Johnny Klingenberg Jennifer Eckman
Chairman Manager
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Jamestown Regional Airport Authority