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July 2008

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2008

1. Roll Call: Johnny Kligenberg (chairman), Jim Boyd (vice chairman), Tom Merrick (attorney), Art Todd II, Dennis Nelson, Jim Dodd, Craig Neyes, Andrew Schneider (manager), Heather Iverson (administrative assistant), Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun), Lindsey Larson (JSDC), Jon Cave (First Class Aviation)
Absent: Kelani Parisien and Steve Aldinger
2. Hearings from the Audience: None Noted
3. Notification of Conflict of Interest: None Noted
4. Review and Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of June 11, 2008: One typing error found in the section 2008 Grant Summary. The error was supposed to read no mold found in place of no mold fold. Mr. Boyd moved to accept and approve the June 11, 2008 meeting minutes, Mr. Todd seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.
5. Financial Information
a. Review & Approve Indebtedness Report: Mr. Boyd moved to accept and approve the Indebtedness report
b. Accounts Payable: A question was asked by Mr. Nelson about the purchase through Midwest Management. Mr. Schneider replied how we rent a frequency for 5 years. It's a used channel.
Mr. Nelson moved to accept and approve the accounts payable, Mr. Todd seconded; all voted aye, motion carried.
c. Accounts Receivable: The sheet was off a little. Andy goes on to make mention of reasoning behind this. We get all the airports financial information by the click of a button on quick books. If you pull up most of these accounts, it shows a zero balance, but when you click the accounts receivable report it shows a balance. It was mentioned for the airport office employees to try and find a QuickBooks class to make sure they know how everything is actually done.
c. Budget vs. Actual 2007
6. Project Reports - Steve Aldinger was not present at the meeting.
a. Project Status- Mr. Boyd was curious as to when the project was going to be started. Hopefully starting in July
7. Mesaba
a. End of the Month Passenger Boarding: Boardings are significantly up compared to last month and previous month.
8. Human Resources
a. Review and Approve the Board Organizational Policy Manual: This is Kelani's, so it's tabled until next month. Mr. Todd motions to move as amended, Mr. Neyes moved to second. All voted aye, motion carried.
b. Manager Report: Mr. Schneider has been working with the sprinklers. The system wasn't flushed last year, so there are a few pipes that are broke. Dakota Rain has been working on the sprinklers. The line painter to do the parking lot doesn't work. There's a guy from town, who has paint and machine and our guys will help him, since the city is too busy. But it'd be approximately a $500.00 fee. There are some kits you can get and put the spray can in it. Mr. Neyes said the post office has one that they use and just push, and recommends it, but will ask the post office to see how they feel it works. Still have a billboard up and some advertising on the radio. Picked up a push mower at Lowes in Bismarck, the old push mower was really old and not working well. There was an example letter included in the packets which Mr. Schneider had sent out to get responses to see if there was any demand in getting new T-Hangers. Mr. Nelson discussed flying over to Mandan to converse with their airport manager because they built three new T- Hanger rows that are really nice and they put together a formula where they don't build it until they get commitment for filling the facility up, they build it, and it's all full right away. Play off what's working for them, and eliminate some mistakes might otherwise make. In response to the letters so far, Olson's have spoken for one already, a gentleman that fly's in, he was a captain and has some property north of town expressed interest.
9. Equipment
a. Grasshopper Maintenance: It overheated, so was brought to Central Sales. Central Sales aren't authorized to fix it, so Mr. Schneider brought it to Fargo. They didn't want to service it under warranty because they feel we overheated it. The reason it got hot is because something was wrong with it.
10. Other Business: Mr. Schneider asks about Ms. Parisien. He needs to go through the budget. Mr. Klingenberg appoints Dennis Nelson as an alternate financing to operate only in the absent of Kelani.

Mr. Dodd wanted to address an audit of accounts, so there's a clean slate for the new manager. The cost is $3,800.00, so the board feels you could get a whole lot of education for that price. Look if CSI carries any classes. Mr. Dodd moves to resend the supplemental audit and that instead personnel will get training in QuickBooks, Mr. Nelson moved to second; all voted aye, motion carried.
11. Summer Events
a. Jamestown Fly-In: July 25-August 4, 2008: Jon Cave talks how this is the third fly-in to Oshkosh, 70 planes the last two years; they stop in have a burger and rest stop. With the gas prices they figure it will be way down this year. Doesn't interfere.
b. Jamestown Drag Race: August 23-24, 2008 (September 6-7, 2008-Rain Dates)
- Liquor Sales at Drag Race: Based on how the liquor sales went from the Air Fest, and if it had a positive outcome. There were no negative comments noted. It was already approved.
12. Meeting Adjourned at 7p.m.