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August 2008

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
August 13, 2008

1. Roll Call: Johnny Kligenberg (chairman), Jim Boyd (vice chairman), Tom Merrick (attorney), Art Todd II, Dennis Nelson, Jim Dodd, Andrew Schneider (manager), Heather Iverson (administrative assistant), Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun), Lindsey Larson (JSDC)
Absent: Kelani Parisien and Craig Neyes
2. Hearings from the Audience: None Noted
3. Notification of Conflict of Interest: None Noted
4. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes
a. Monthly Meeting July 9, 2008: Mr. Nelson moved to accept and approve the July 9, 2008 meeting minutes, Mr. Todd seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
b. Special Meeting July 23, 2008: Mr. Nelson moved to accept and approve the July 23, 2008 special meeting minutes, Mr. Merrick seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
5. Financial Information
a. Review & Approve Indebtness Report: Summer help Mark Klug is done working due to football and college starting. Johnny, who is working at first class aviation, will fill-in and help out with some mowing. Mr. Boyd moved to approve the indebtness report, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
b. Accounts Payable: Mr. Schneider mentions how the fixed blade on woods mower, is actually an extra set of blades that the maintenance crew bought to put on mower while they take the other set off and sharpen. Check to Stoudt's was large because the office assumed that the payment was a direct withdrawal from the account but it isn't, so there were a couple payments due. Mr. Nelson moved to accept and approve the accounts payable, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
c. Accounts Receivable: Want to dissolve the penny.
d. Budget vs. Actual:
e. Financial Statement:
f. Review 2009 Budget: Mr. Schneider and Mr. Nelson sat down and went through the budget line item by line item comparing actual vs. 2007 and looked at 2008 so far to determine 2009. Goodrich leases are up in 2009, Plant 2 is up September 30, 2009 & Plant 1 is up November 30, 2009. Good idea to put this on a piece of paper and present it to Goodrich so they know what to expect for next year and can budget it into their account as well. Mr. Boyd motions to accept as a preliminary approval as presented, Mr. Nelson seconded motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
6. Project Reports -Mark Holzer, FAA, and new Regional guy will be coming through on their way to Grand Forks on August 21. They'd like to discuss need for a new terminal. So we should hit them with as much information as we can (TSA and Mesaba). Invite the audience at 3:30 p.m. Mr. Merrick is going to look into it to see if this meeting will be classified as an actual special meeting.

Taxiway extension, a couple small things that must be completed prior. First, the fish and wildlife would like an agreement with the airport that after the 5 year grace period the airport authority turn over the easement to the fish and wildlife. (number 1 if the airport has easement can only have it for 99 years, whereas the fish and wildlife can have it for infinity, number 2 they will take care of everything.). Mr. Dodd made a motion to pass it over to the fish and wildlife, Mr. Todd seconded motion; all voted aye, motion carried. Second thing they asked for is that we build the wetlands up in Cando before the end of the year. The landowner has already signed this. All the airport is paying for is easement. Error found is second paragraph, which says the airport will pay for the construction of the mitigation acres, not true, he's paying for the construction the airport is only paying for the easement. Tom Merrick will change this mistake. Mr. Dodd makes a motion to approve and sign the agreement with noted corrections, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried. US Fish and Wildlife was sent first draft of mitigation plan. Mr. Nelson moves to approve the $10,000.00 payment and mitigation of wetlands, Mr. Boyd seconds the approval; all voted aye, motion approved.
7. Mesaba
a. End of Month Passenger Boarding's: July passengers were 309, which are still climbing. Mr. Boyd noted how in 2006 the airport averaged 197 passengers a month, 2007 they averaged 186.2 passengers per month, and so far for 2008 the rate is at 211 passengers.

Competitive fares, our airport needs to have prices in comparison with Fargo and Bismarck out of Jamestown. With non-competitive fares, games over.
8. Manager's Report: Tentatively marketing got $6,200.00 from JSDC which is still pending county and city approval. Mr. Schneider also requested money from the state to match what was spent.
Got a new copier hooked up out front, which will save 12 cents per month.
9. Equipment
a. Estimate of Plow Truck: To get all the leaks and hydraulics that isn't able to get fixed in house. Needs to be repaired before next year. Discussion of what should be able to be accomplished in house and what should be taken into an actual shop. What should the maintenance workers be able to accomplish. Mr. Nelson mentioned how this specific shop has bought all the osh kosh manuals so are familiar with this type of equipment, not always best idea to go the cheapest route. Mr. Nelson moves to get the plow truck fixed, Mr. Dodd seconds the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
b. Pressure Washer:
10. Other Business
a. Terminal Remodel/New Terminal
b. The 2 Buildings that are for sale on the airport, the 6 month listing is coming to an end. Should we continue listing? Not going to re list.
c. Quickbooks, there is a class in Fargo. Craig Hanson gives private lessons.
11. Summer Events
a. Drag Races August 23 & 24
12. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.