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September 08

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Agenda
September 10,2008
1. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (president), Jim Boyd (Vice President),
Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Art Todd, Jim Dodd, Craig Neyes, Kelani
Parisien, Andy Schneider (Manager), Heather Iverson (Admin Assistant),
Lindsey Larson (JSDC), Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Keith
Norman (Jamestown Sun)
2. Hearings from the Audience: None Noted
3. Notification of Conflict ofInterest: None Noted
4. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes:
a. Monthly Meeting July 9, 2008: One change noted, in the August 13
minutes; under section 4b, it should be Mr. Boyd that seconded the
motion instead of Mr. Merrick (since he officially can not make a
motion). Mr. Boyd moved to accept and approve the minutes of
August 13, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion
b. Special Meeting August 21,2008: Mr. Nelson made a motion to
approve and accept the August 21meeting minutes, Mr. Neyes
seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
5. Financiallnformation
a. Review & Approve Indebtness Report: Mr. Nelson made a motion to
accept and approve the indebtness report, Mr. Dodd seconded the
motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
b. Financial Statement - NOT READY; WILL BE AT MEETING
6. Project Reports - Steve Aldinger: Top soil is stripped; crack sealing is close to
being finished. Mitigation plan has been approved; they'll start construction
sometime soon and will be fmished before the end of the year.
By Nov. l't, need to let the F.A.A. know what the board wants to do with next
year's project. What the board wants to do with the terminal; a new one, or
remodel the current one; because something needs to be done.
Remove asphalt and replace with soil and seed. Which would also entail
replacing all the lights. Latest estimate around $800,000. But it's a very high
priority project since the sert inspector is pushing it.
Looking at approximately a 2 million dollar bill after construction of a new
terminal building. Andy talked to Connie Ova, and the airport could put in
a request for money from the JSDC, because their primary focus is on
economic development, and the airport is of great importance to this city.
Mrs. Parisien moves to do the runway shoulder project for next year, Mr.
Nelson seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried.
7. Manager's Report: Mr. Schneider recommends buying out the ford lease.
He's talked to the aeronautics commission who does a SO/50 match on
operations vehicles. Meaning we'd request $19,000 from the state and the
airport would pay $19,000. That'd be two years worth of lease payments, but
we'd own it. It is a request, there's a possibility it could be denied. There
were 4 different airports at this years grant meeting that requested a SO/50
match, and they were all approved.
8. Other Business
a. Tennina1 RemodellNew Tenninal
Mr. Schneider asked about changing the meetings from Wednesday's to
another day of the week, considering he has a class in his masters program.
After discussing all the other meeting days people are involved in, it was
decided that the second Monday of the month would work best. In the case
of a holiday falling on the frrst Monday, the meeting would be changed to the
third Monday of the month.Mr. Nelson makes a motion to change the
meetings to the second Monday of the month continuing at 6 p.m. Mrs.
Parisien seconded the motion; all voted aye, motion carried. This is
beginning in October.
Steve and Andy going to Bismarck, for a meeting. Request money for
advertising and money for the Air Fest.
Mr. Schneider mentions a conference which is being held of the beginning of
November, in Chicago. He's talked to other airport managers in the state
who would recommend going. Mr. Aldinger mentions that Jen went to this
conference and was very satisfied.
9. Adjourned at 8 p.m.