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August 2008 Special

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Special Meeting Agenda
August 21, 2008
2:30 p.m.

1. Roll Call: Jim Boyd (J.R.A.A.), Johnny Klingenberg (J.R.A.A), Dennis Nelson (J.R.A.A), Clarice Liechty (Mayor of Jamestown), Randy Pope (Interstate Engineering), Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun), Steve Obenauer (FAA Bismarck), Mark Holzer (ND Aero Comm), Brian Schuck (FAA Bismarck), Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Andrew Schneider (Jamestown Airport Manager), Brett Donat (EAPC Architects), Lindsey Larson (JSDC), Justin Hatch (Jamestown Airport), Ray Martinez (Jamestown Airport), Nina Sneider (JSDC), Gary Bitz (Jamestown Airport)
2. Introductions
3. Discussion of Airport Projects: Discussion of runway shoulders and construction dates.
4. New Terminal Discussion: Problems with terminal now: no bathroom facilities in the TSA sterile area, when this area was built it was designed for a smaller passenger plane, now that there is a plane which is designed for approximately 30 passengers. If there were this many traveling, there wouldn't be enough seating room to wait. Asbestos survey done, it was found in the building, there is a report containing this information. The curbs coming to the building, the signage, and bathrooms do not meet ADA requirement. The bag scanner right by the door entrance has problems, when it gets cold it's hard to scan. Unable to move the computers because of the roof problem along with that, there are no plug-ins. Have to turn bags sideways to get them through when checking in, there isn't enough room. The door is very small, and employees are consistently running into each other while checking passengers on.

Engineers showed a couple examples of what the possible terminal could consist of. Gives an example where sections would be; administrative, TSA, Mesaba, and restrooms.

It's encourage to start traveling around visiting different terminals finding out what they like and don't like, since there are several new terminals in the state. See what mistakes have been made and learn at their expense.

As far as pricing is concerned, an estimate of 1.47 million is given, with an estimated inflation in 5 years it'd be increased to just under 2 million. Cost is difficult to estimate until you get specifics. Funding is limited. Look at the cost differences between building a new terminal and just remodeling.

After looking at the terminal and hearing the concerns it's said that something needs to be done for the passengers.

5. Adjourn

* Note: New terminal discussion with comments from the public will be held at approximately 3:30 p.m.