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October 08

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2008
Called to Order at 6pm
1. Roll Call: Jim Boyd (Vice President), Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Art
Todd, Jim Dodd, Kelani Parisien, Andy Schneider (Manager), Heather
Iverson (Admin Assistant),
2. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearings Noted.
3. Notification of Conflict of Interest: No Conflicts Noted.
4. Meeting Minutes
a. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes of September 10, 2008: Motion
and second was made to approve as read; all voted aye, motion carried.
5. Glen Christianson- Drag Race Reported; $825 check received; races slower
than expected; things ran smoothly from airport logistics perspective; coming year
more incentives will be explored; alcohol sales didn't pose a problem; need better
6. Financial Information- Was not completed at time ofthe meeting
a. Review & Approve Indebtedness Report: Ms. Parisien made a motion to
approve the indebtedness report, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion; all
voted aye, motion carried.
b. Accounts Payable: No questions or discussion
c. Accounts Receivable: No questions or discussion
d. Budget vs. Actual 2007: Was given as handout to be reviewed and
approved at the next meeting
e. Financial Statement- Not ready
f. Sixel Consulting Group- Is in regards to the DeltalNorthwest merger;
They could represent airports interests in a coalition after the merger;
They agreed to split the $5,000 dollar buy fee between Jamestown and
Devils Lake airport; Bismarck manager believes it would be a good
move to help build Delta relations through someone; Northwest
contract is up next September; No decisions must be made until
January; contract would be in effect for 1 year; it was decided that
more information if needed about the company;
7. Project Reportsa.
Steve Aldinger: Still working on the taxi-way extension; nearly ready to
pave if there is a break in the rain; the taxi-way is built up and primed; plan is
to pave on Wednesday;
Wetland mitigation project should have begun in
Cando, but may have been postponed due to rain;
Congress has extended the AlP program for another 6
months; that means that only half of the money that is saved so far is available to
collect; 1/3 of what is coming next year is available; $150,000 of entitlement
money is saved up, so $75,000 is currently accessible; $150,000 is what is
allocated for next year, so 50,000 is accessible; bringing the total of available
federal money to $125,000; two projects are being considered for next year;
replacing the shoulders on one runway with turf; the terminal project and the
runway project were discussed and the terminal project was given priority; a
rejuvenating oil could be used to fIX the shoulders of the runway at a cost of
nearly $650,000; the rejuvenating plans were drawn up and ready; the terminal
plans were not ready because the funding has not yet come through; plans may
need to be reduced/altered due to funding considerations;
Questions: Is it mandatory to leave TSA Space? Screening area yes;
offices must be built at airport expense but are rented out by TSA
If board rooms are rented out can that qualify as public use?
That is a gray area, but probably not applicable as a public access area
What about renovating the current building? It can be
difficult to back out of a new building project and reorganize the plans to a mere
renovation project;
Motion was made to authorize Johnny Klingenberg or Jim Boyd to
sign a contract to move ahead with terminal specs and plans. Motion was
seconded by Ms. Parisien; all voted aye, motion carried.
8. Manager's Report
a. Equipment-Plow & Truck lease/buyout- Quote from Stoudt regarding
pickup buyout was received; the cost of the buyout includes the plow; there is
still a 4 year lease on the truck, voiding the possibility of getting a different
truck; the numbers are based on a January 5th buyout possibility; motion and a
second to approve the buyout; all voted aye, motion carried.
b. End ofMonth Passenger Boardingc.
Cert Inspection- went well with the exception of having the wrong
globes on the cross-wind runway; went to Fargo and picked up new globes for
free; all the little problems from the inspection have been fIXed;
d. Airfare giveaway- using a ticket giveaway as an incentive to get
feedback and publicity for the airport; perhaps work with a travel agent on this
promotion; no restrictions or black out dates; everyone was in agreement on the
e. Snow-removal- part time snow removal will probably be needed; the
snow removal before has not been acceptable; there were concerns that
hiring someone may be over kill; Mr. Schneider explained another person
would simply be on-call; last year equipment was damaged by under trained
on-call personnel;
f. Coffee machine- New coffee machine in the terminal; Mesaba airlines
makes the coffee; Jamestown airport provides the supplies; 26 people left
Thursday morning and 13 in the afternoon; machine seems to be going over
9. Other Business
a. Fare Discrepancy Review- Mr. Schneider has the review in his office, but
notes that there were several minor claims;
b. QuickBooks Class- The CPA in town offers the class; thus far schedules
have not aligned well enough to hold the class; Yo-tech class also offers a
QuickBooks class; perhaps a private QuickBooks session is in order;
c. Grant money- Homeland security grants are much smaller this
year:$3,046; the money will be used for a new laptop and generator; a big
medical bag will also be purchased;
d. Rental car- rental cars have been looked into for Goodrich employees
wbo need to drive to Minneapolis; the car rental service is unreliable and makes
the airport look poor in its association with Avis/Stoudt; often Avis will not
accept cars driven here from Fargo; Perhaps a phone call to Avis should be
e. Fed Ex- Will be leaving at the end ofthe month; it was strictly a
business issue and was not a fault of the airport; they would like to leave the
door open to return in the future if the need arises; they will continue honoring
their year lease; UPS is doing well and plans to stay;
10. Adjourned- Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm
Jamestown Regional