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November 08

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
November 11 .2008
Called to Order at 6pm
1. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (Chairman), Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick,
Art Todd, Jim Dodd, Andy Schneider (Manager), Katie Klett (Admin
2. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearings Noted.
3. Notification of Conflict ofInterest: No Conflicts Noted.
4. Meeting Minutes
a. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes of October 13, 2008: Motion
was made by Mr. Nelson and second was made by Mr. Todd to approve
as read; all voted aye, motion carried.
5. Financial Infonnation- Was available for the month of September. There
was no indebtedness report due to an inability of Mr. Schneider and Miss. Klett to
get the accurate report ready.
a. Accounts Payable: Everyone would like to see a brief description of each
item on the accounts payable. Mr. Schneider explained things are in transition right
now and that they would be better at the next meeting. There were some larger
than usual but necessary expenses in the month. Mr. Schneider explained that the
expenses were for oil. spray foam, and various other things that couldn't be helped.
Mr. Nelson made a motion and Mr. Todd seconded the motion. It was
pointed out that for expenditure approval there needs to be a person by person role
b. Accounts Receivable: Mesaba came up to date in their account with us.
Mr. Nelson noted that the accounts receivable is not accurate. Mr.
Schneider and Miss Klett pointed out that QuickBooks is far from
accurate due to spotty usage and non-uniform bookkeeping. It was
proposed that a new QuickBooks begin in January after conferring
with the accountants. It was decided to save the old QuickBooks for
reference purposes, yet begin anew in the next year with a more
standard QuickBooks plan.
c. Financial Statement- October's was not ready; however September's
financial statements were available.
d. 2009 Budget- Was given to board members at the October meeting. It
was not acted on during the meeting. Members voted aye to defer
reviewing and approving the budget until the next meeting.
e. Sixel Consulting Group- Mr. Klingenberg was not familiar with the Sixel
Consulting Group. Most of the members were concerned with who they
were and what benefits they could bring to the airport. The cost was
dropped to half the initial cost. The Devil's Lake airport manager said
they would probably follow suit with whatever Jamestown decides.
There would be additional costs, however there appeared to be a cap on
the costs. Members agreed that if they were in contact with the right
people, they could be beneficial to the airport. Mr. Nelson expressed
concern that they would not be able to bring any tangible benefits to the
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes