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December 08

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
December 10 ,2008
Called to Order at 6pm
1. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (Chairman), Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick,
Art Todd (over phone), Jim Dodd, Craig Neys, Kelani Parisien, Andy
Schneider (Manager), Katie Klett (Admin Assistant), Raymond Martinez
(Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter), Justin Hatch (Operations & Maintenance
2. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearings Noted.
3. Notification of Conflict ofInterest: No Conflicts Noted.
4. Meeting Minutes
a. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes ofNovember 10, 2008: Mr.
Nelson pointed out an error in the minutes from the previous meeting.
The words to carry needed to be omitted. After Mr. Schneider agreed to
change the minutes Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve as amended.
Mr. Neys seconded, all approved with an aye, and the motion was
carried. Mr. Nelson intended to approve both the regular and the
emergency meeting minutes.
5. Financial Information for November 31, 2008
a. Review and Approve Indebtedness Report: Mr. Boyd moved to approve
the indebtedness report and Mr. Nelson seconded. All members were in favor and
signified by saying aye, none were opposed and the motion was carried.
b. Accounts Payable: Mr. Schneider had several points regarding the
accounts payable. A check was cut to Border States Paving for $450,298.81 that was
taken care of personally, thus a voucher was not created and it was not entered into
QuickBooks and did not show up on the Accounts Payable report. Several of the
big item expenses were the Lindberg Bros. bill at $8,953.00 for the catch basin
repair, this is 50% reimbursable. The truck repair bill for $1,804.00 is also 50%
reimbursable. Mr. Dodd was glad to see the bill for Lindberg Bros. coming in for
less than the originally billed price with help from the state likely. North Dakota
Aeronautics commission will be the party responsible for reimbursing the airport
for those expenses. This will drop the price down even further for the catch basin
repair. The Sherbenske and Sons is also eligible for reimbursement. The total
project will now come in under what the anticipated expenses were. The project is
now a closed matter. The plow truck was the truck that needed a repair. It was also
mentioned that Ray and Justin used the front end loader to remove the extra dirt in
house at the airport, in order to cut cost from Sherbenske and Sons. Mr. Nelson
moved to approve the Accounts Payable report. Ms. Parisien seconded the
movement. Mr. Schneider called the roll to approve the money spent. All members
approved and the movement was carried.
c. Accounts Receivable: Mr. Schneider stated out that he had redone the
accounts receivable book this month and would now be overseeing the
billing more closely. As a result of missed billing by the Admin. there are
more bills than normal this month. These extra bills are merely sent out
late and are helping to get the airport booking keeping up to date. Many
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
have been paid already. There are several credits noted on the report.
When QuickBooks showed a credit it is a result of merely taking in money
and not billing out, which happens with organizations such as City of
Jamestown and Drag Racing. Anything associated with ARFF is billed out
to Mesaba. They will be paying for the $500 dollars in foam and any
expenses accrued from the ARFF truck. This will be added on to their
lease with the Jamestown Airport. This will bring in approximately $1000
more to the airport per year. Mr. Dodd had a question in regards to the
credits on the Accounts Receivable report. How can one make out the
bottom total? Mr. Schneider stated that the bottom numbers will not add
up correctly due to the negative credits, even though in reality they should
be zeros. Mr. Nelson pointed out that because there was never an original
bill the expense didn't go on the accounts receivable list and merely showed
up on the receipts list so that it appears to be a credit however it is not. Mr.
Schneider stated that measures are being taken to shape the books up. A
new computer will be purchased. Mr. Dodd wanted to know if a new
computer was just purchased in February. However, it was stated that
Justin's computer was fIXed in February not purchased. They stated a
three year old computer was pretty old in today's world. The computer
will be replaced with a new desktop for approximately $600-$700. Then
administration will keep the old QuickBooks on hand but will start a new
business to alleviate the problems currently in the bookkeeping. Mr. Boyd
wondered why the 61-90 days overdue payments were listed. Mr.
Schneider replied that some customers still have not paid their bills. That
is accurate.
d. Budget vs. Actual: Mr. Schneider apologized for the small print in the
Budget vs. Actual report. Mr. Klingenberg assumed that all members had
gone through the Budget vs. Actual report prior to arriving at the meeting.
No members had any questions regarding the report.
e. Financial Statement: The October statement was in the member packets
and the November packets were on the table at the meeting. There were no
6. Project Reportsa.
Steve Aldinger: Brought pistachios to the meeting. Mr. Aldinger
brought up the perils of the North Dakota aeronautics commissioner. He will be
resigning. Mr. Aldinger said we would be loosing a great asset. There have been
comments that they may replace Mark as well. Mr. Schneider believed the
board would be very silly to get rid of Mark. However, one never knows if he
will stay or be asked to leave. He is also a great asset to the Jamestown Regional
Airport. In the last meeting plans and specs were talked about. Mr. Aldinger
had plans and specs ready for the upcoming projects at the airport. They did
put it in the plans and specs to repaint all the concrete. The price comes down
quite a bit if the painting is done immediately while the contractors are here.
Mr. Aldinger says the project must be done exactly right in case the FAA decides
to look closely at the project. Brian Shook called and said the airport should try
to find some extra funding for the new terminal project. The grant needs to be
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
ready as it will probably need to ready by the first of the year. He suggested
perhaps they consider giving Andy the authority to make a decision on their
behalf in case Interstate Engineering needs to act quickly to obtain some federal
funding. If the shoulders are added into the project than the cost may go up.
Steve advises not having a special meeting just over approval of these issues.
The slope is a question in regards to the shoulders and perhaps they will need to
be redone. Mr. Dodd believed that they had already approved the plan to
include the redoing of the shoulders. Mr. Klingenberg wondered if they could
decide about the shoulders in the January meeting. However, they might miss
out on grant money if they wait. So, those who have a grasp on the situation
(Klingenberg, Boyd, etc.) were given the authority to act on behalf of the board.
Mr. Aldinger is planning to put the plans into the March grant. Mr. Schneider
made a roll call to give the power of amendment to a few member of the group.
All ayes, and motion was carried. Mr. Klingenberg came up with a new plan for
the new terminal. He suggested a modification of the original proposal for the
project. The plan was to eliminate all the old office area. A manager's office
and board room would be ineligible for funding. They pitched the idea to
architects in Bismarck. Everyone agreed this was a good idea. Mr. Aldinger
expanded upon this idea. The FAA wouldn't mind remolding a new terminal.
The new plan would be a remodeling job not a new terminal project. The
expansion for the sterile area would probably become Mr. Schneider's office.
From the utility bathroom over would be removed. The planes would have an
easier time pulling in than they previously had. The words, "building a new
terminal" need no longer be used. The question left was how it would be pieced
together. The terminal funding plan would utilize funds from three different
years. As soon, as January 1st rolls around, the airport will have 2009
entitlement money. Currently the FAA has a funding cap on the amount of
$200,000/year. It is a huge benefit that is the terminal building project is
spanned out over three years, the airport would be eligible for $600,000 dollars.
The $200,000 is not a guarantee however. It may be gone, leaving the airport left
to make up the difference itself. It would be somewhat of a risk. "Does taking
this money bar the airport from doing any other projects," asked Mr. Merrick.
The discretionary money is also available but is in high demand from other
airports. One of the things Brian asked on the phone with Mr. Schneider was
how much the board wanted a terminal. Mr. Aldinger said that the only real
thing needed out on the airfield was to redo the shoulders. He noted also that if
a plan was made the city would come out and jet clean the storm sewer system.
That is something that should be done, he advised. Mr. Dodd believes that
prevention is better than repair. Mr. Schneider wonders if the board would like
an overall assessment to be done. Mr. Dodd would like a listing ofthe
proportion of what should be done every year. Mr. Aldinger said that
information was already available. The airport holds two CD's that are worth
$61,000/CD. Mr. Schneider believes this could be the funding for the office
space not eligible for funding. More help in funding is possible but not included
in the funding plan as it is not certain. There is still, $600,000 dollars to find for
the project. The Director of JSCC is considering giving the airport the loan.
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
The money is probably not going to come in the form of a grant. The loan would
be repaid starting in 2012. A $150,000 per year, might be a reasonable amount
to payoff the loan. This would leave some income for drainage of other
emergencies. The plans and specs for the remolding would be done by '09. The
footings for the new portion would be laid in the same old spot. The new portion
of the terminal would be completed in 2012. Mr. Dodd had a question. With the
elimination of everything west of the hallway, would anything be left standing?
No. Mr. Aldinger said everything depends on how much the board wants to
spend on the new terminal. Remodeling later is always an option. 2 million on
the estimate was including remodeling the old section seemed a little on the high
side. The new portion design would keep TSA in the building. The building
should be built in a smart manner so that they can always add on or whatever
the need may be. None of the money is ever guaranteed. Your entitlement and
discretionary money is never guaranteed. The terminal cannot have state
apportionment money. The $200,000 cannot be used at once, must be phased
over the course of three years. Letters were written explaining that it was
important to do away with the $200,000 cap be done away with, however the
possibility if slim. Naming the terminal could possibly be a way to get some
funding from other donors. If a person got low on funds toward the end, the rest
of the terminal could wait if it had to. Where the ARFF guys are now, the temp
office of the manager would be. The only thing the state apportionment money
can be used for would be the sidewalks coming up to the building. It is unlikely
the city or the county will have the funds to help with this project. It is being
looked into right now to see if the terminal is eligible for a public works grant. A
couple small grants would really go along way in finishing the project up. It
bothers Mr. Dodd what may happen ifthe money does fall short. Mr. Boyd
thinks an attempt to solicit outside sponsors may be a good idea. TSA money
paid for their set of offices and secure area in this current terminal. Mr. Dodd
would also love to see a new terminal, but is concerned about where the funding
is going to come from. The FAA in Chicago may say they will not go for this
plan. If the board would like to proceed, Mr. Schneider is willing to push ahead.
If they don't want to do it in three years, perhaps a one year project is doable.
The FAA would only give $200,000 dollars however. The discretionary money
cannot be paid back in the same way as the entitlement money. Brian did say it
would be very unlikely that all the funding would be cut. Mr. Schneider would
like to know if this level of risk is acceptable to the board. The funding could
always be cut. The maximum for one year is a $600,000 entitlement and
$200,000 discretionary. Mr. Klingenberg is nervous about starting a project,
running out of money and then having to pay back the FAA. "Could the
funding be cut any further," wonders Mr. Nelson. President Bush wanted to cut
airline funding further. However, the aviation put up quite a roar about it. The
new administration may sign something to keep FAA funding. Perhaps their
will be an increase in funding. Probably any projects moving forward will have
funding, noted Mr. Schneider. Senators are looking out for the airport right
now. There is a lot of chaos in the making if anything happens to
JamestownlDevil's Lake's funding, stated Mr. Schneider. The merger between
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
Delta and Northwest may take up to 18months said Mr. Boyd. Mr. Schneider
was looking for a general consensus from the board that he and Mr. Aldinger
should go forward with the project. Mr. Dodd would like some conceptual
drawings of the structure. "The floor plan of the original drawing will be
different," said Mr. Aldinger. "What material is to be used will still need to be
decided," said Mr. Schneider. "If the plan is dropped later," asked Mr.
Klingenberg, "would they still have to pay FAA for the plans?" If the money
was borrowed would the FAA help the airport pay it back? That is why
something would have to happen in 2009, in order to get the $200,000. If a bid
comes in from a contractor for the next three years, than everyone knows that
nothing is going to change. If things started getting cut, things could change.
Mr. Klingenberg had a hard time envisioning a three year, 2 million dollar,
project. Summer of '09 would be the start and it would basically be finished by
'11. Once the end of the first whole year starts, it would go pretty quickly. It
would be the end of 2011 before it was really operational. Mr. Aldinger pointed
out the taxi-way extension was nearly the same length of time. People note that
the board doesn't want the time length, but no one is sure how else to get the job
done. A head's up could be given, and people could start looking for more
grants for these operations. There are more options. Once the plan is laid out,
Mr. Boyd thinks we could start talking to other organizations for support. If
this happened the ball could keep rolling. Mr. Schneider wants to know if the
board feels good about borrowing money from JSDC. Mr. Boyd doesn't think
that JSDC will give the airport any money. They may not even respond for
another month. Mr. Boyd thinks it could be months before any money came out
of the request. The loan could come through maybe in 2010. Ms. Parisien noted
that she thought moving forward with the three year plan would be a good idea.
Mr. Klingenberg hoped that after the next meeting for Mr. Aldinger there would
be some more information regarding what is going to happen. Mr. Aldinger
recommends getting a grant for the plans and specs as soon as the FAA says they
will back the project.
7. Mesaha
a. End ofMonth Passenger Boarding: Mr. Schneider did not include the
numbers in the packet, they were available on the table at the meeting. If 14 people
go to Fargo from Jamestown airport, they are not counted in the enplanement
count. If cancelled flights occur the numbers become less accurate, pointed out Mr.
Klingenberg. November had three cancelled flights, noted Mr. Schneider. The Deicing
equipment was broken so the pilots didn't land. Mesaba in Jamestown did
their part to ensure that the planes could take off, however due to error in
Minneapolis, the flights still had to be cancelled. Another plane was also under
maintenance during these days. Maintenance couldn't be avoided at this time.
Unfortunately there were several unhappy customers due to these problems. Julie is
available over the phone however she is rarely here. Mr. Boyd noticed Julie was
here when she could in November. She is in and out, says Mr. Schneider. The
unofficial passenger enplanment will start including the transfer number of
passengers to Fargo. Jamestown Airport has contracted with Newman signs in
order to continue advertising for a cheaper rate.
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
8. Human Resources:
a. Thank you to Art Todd III, Welcome Merle Bingham- All present said
thank you to Art Todd. Art Todd would like his pistachios mailed to him in
b. Employee Payroll: In order to match Bismarck's starting salary
position, our maintenance workers would need to receive at least a 10 percent salary
increase. However, in light ofthe financial situation at the airport, Mr. Schneider is
recommending a 6% salary increase for the guys. Mr. Dodd would like to see a twotiered
system in place when thinking about giving airport employees salary
increases. Mr. Merrick noted in the past the airport has followed suit after the city.
Mr. Dodd is wondering why Bismarck was used as the bench mark and not a city
such as Minot. Mr. Dodd believes Bismarck's economy does not accurately affect
the situation in Jamestown. Mr. Schneider believes we could possibly loose our
workers to Bismarck and doesn't want to loose the resources. Dickinson is doing a
revamp of their system and overhaul of their employee salaries as well. Mr. Boyd
would like to know if the raise increases will fit into the 2009 budget. Mr. Nelson
doesn't have a problem with the raise increase but would like to see a new system
with better logic in its pay increases. When Mr. Schneider signed on, he was also
never given an idea ofwhen there would be an increase. Mr. Schneider firmly
believes that the two workers are deserving the 6%. Mr. Nelson made a motion to
approve the salary increase, with the caveat that a new pay scale be adopted from
the city. Mrs. Parisien seconded the motion. Mr. Boyd had a point, that the budget
must be taken seriously. He is worried that the 6% may not fit in with the budget.
Mr. Dodd would like to move the pay increases to the January meeting. Mr. Dodd
points out that they had just recently done a large pay increase for the maintenance
workers. It was pointed out that the health care is also paid for the employees by
the airport. Mr. Boyd would like to point out what a great job the two guys are
doing. Mr. Schneider says he works with them on a daily basis, and sees the vast
diversity in their job description. Mr. Nelson said that using the city's model would
be very beneficial in being fair to the employees. All members voted with an aye, no
members voted no and the motion was carried to adopt 6% pay raise.
c. Manager's Report: Mr. Schneider did not have anything in addition to
what was printed in his report. There was good coverage for the airport due to the
recent ticket giveaway. The most common responses from the suggestion cards
were printed and given to the board members. There will be some more advertising
done and the new idea was handed around for the members to see. They also have a
clock now in the terminal. And it was suggested that perhaps a new automatic door
opener would be appropriate for the airport. Everyone is hesitant to do something
with the building if it will be replaced.
9. Other Business: Mr. Boyd would like an update on the air fest loan. Mr.
Schneider said the balance is about $56,000. There were questions about how Mr.
Cave has been appropriating funds. Mr. Boyd would like to see the funds diverted
to the airport to pay for the loan they made Mr. Cave. Tentatively, the airport,
after loans, owes approx. about $53,000. Mrs. Parisien would like to know where
the funds Mr. Cave took are going. Mr. Klingenberg would like to have a coffee and
cookie party for the tenants. Mr. Dodd would also like to have a party for the
Jamestown Regional Airport Authority Board Meeting Minutes
tenants. Mr. Schneider is not certain whether he would like to have one or not. Mr.
Klingenberg believes it would be a nice gesture to give back to the Airports tenants.
Mr. Dodd wondered if Fed-Ex was still a tenant of the airport. Mr. Nelson asked
about the possibility of bringing a flight instructor into Jamestown. This gentleman
had been in Singapore, but now is returning to the states and likes Jamestown. The
game-plan is to try and find a full job for this instructor. Perhaps, somebody in
Goodrich could help him find a position.
10. Adjourn
Jamestown Regional