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February 18, 2009 Special Meeting

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Special Meeting Agenda
February 18, 2009

1. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (Chairman), Jim Boyd (Vice Chairman) Dennis Nelson, Jim Dodd, Andrew Schneider (Manager) Absent: Craig Neys, Kelani Parisien, Tom Merrick. Guests: Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Mark Holzer (ND Aeronautics Commission), Brett Donat (Architect), Lindsey Larson (JSDC).
2. Terminal Design Discussion: Mr. Aldinger stated that they did make some changes on the plans. Instead of one stall they changed them to a two stall, the 2nd change was to the car rental space since this is not funded they changed it to show just a counter. Changed the hallway outside the mechanical room made it smaller and also made more ticket counter space. Mr Aldinger brought floor plans for all but one of the terminals visited. The missing floor plan was for Aberdeen. Mr. Aldinger separated all the pictures into different groups, (example: lobby, bathrooms, TSA, hallways, etc). Mr Holzer brought the agreements for the transfer of money from Lamoure & Oaks Airports, the money is available for transfer when ever we need it. He brought one copy for our records and one copy for the Attorney. Mr Boyd asked if the plans could be emailed to the board members when revisions are done. Mr. Klingenberg will be in charge of putting together a design committee consisting of 3 board members & 3 community members. Mr Boyd made a motion to adopt the option 1 plans for terminal design, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion. All members in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
3. Adjourn