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June 10, 2009 Regular Board Meeting

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
June 10th, 2009
Called to Order at 6 pm

1. Pledge of Allegiance:
2. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (Chairman), Jim Boyd (Vice Chairman) Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Jim Dodd, Andy Schneider (Manager), Kim Mickelson (Admin Assistant). Absent: Merle Bingham, Craig Neys, Kelani Parisian, Guests: Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun) Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Kyle Wanner.
3. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearing Noted.
4. Notification of Conflict of Interest: No Conflicts Noted.
5. Meeting Minutes
a. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes of May 13, 2009: Mr. Boyd moved to approve the regular meeting minutes. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
6. Financial Information for May 13, 2009.
a. Review and Approve Indebtedness Report: Mr. Schneider said that the guys did have some overtime because of fire training, but it does get billed out to Mesaba. Mr. Boyd moved to approve the indebtedness report, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
b. Accounts Payable: Mr. Nelson had a question about the contract labor for the snow removal and was wondering why it took so long to get the bill. Mr. Schneider said the he actually had to call him to get the bill. Roll call vote, all members in favor signified by saying aye, carried.
c. Accounts Receivable: Mr. Nelson asked about adding the late fees to Summit Aviations invoice. Mr. Schneider said that a percentage will be applied.
e. Financial Statement: Mr. Dodd asked about the $1.00 in the First community Credit Union checking account. Mr. Nelson said that if we have CD's at a bank they require you to have a checking account. Mr. Schneider stated that we do still have 2 CD's at the credit union. Financial Statement approved no further discussion.
7. Project Reports-
a. Steve Aldinger, Mr. Aldinger started out with Taxiway A, he said that is on hold because it is to wet right now to finish it. Mr. Klingenbers said about to three weeks ago Mr. Schneider, Mr. Aldinger, Mr.Wanner and himself went to Bismarck and met with the FAA to go over the different possibilities. Mr. Aldinger said that we have two different, but the FAA didn't like the way the departure/arrival baggage areas were set up. Mr. Aldinger said that we came up with a new option which is option c it is a combination of the things we likes from option a and option b. We went back to the curved look when you first walk in there are also two mechanical rooms that are connected. Mr. Klinkenberg said that we looked at the possibility of a conveyer belt to either go underground or in the ceiling for the baggage, but after looking at more it doesn't look like a good idea. Mr. Klinkenberg wants to remind every one that the only thing we are looking for tonight is an approval on the floor plan so the architects can get started on it. Mr. Aldinger suggested writing a letter to our senators to lift the cap on the discressionary money so we can get the funding for the new terminal all in one year. Mr. Dodd asked Mr. Schneider about his trip to Washington. Mr. Schneider said that trip has been canceled, but he is going to Atlanta to discuss the EAS contract on June 18th. Mr. Boyd made a motion to accept option c as terminal design. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye. Mr. Dodd opposed. Motion carried.
8. Mesaba:
a. End of Month Passenger Boarding: Official numbers are from Julie and they were 228.
b. Flight changes/Time changes: Mr. Schneider said we went through the ND Aeronautics Commission because the have a consultant they hired for $10,000 to consult between Devils Lake and Jamestown for our EAS contract that we are going to talk to Delta about keeping our non-stop flight. Mr. Holzer suggested in stead of Brainerd connection we should look at Devils Lake for our afternoon flight.
9. Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Schneider introduced his intern Kyle Wanner and said that Mr. Wanner has made up our new brochures that we are going to put at different location around Jamestown. Mr. Dodd asked about having and equipment status report as a new agenda item. Mr. Schneider said that we can add it as a separate item.
10. Other Business:
a. Approve Bylaws. Mr. Merrick said that the bylaws were handed out a few months ago for members to review. Mr. Nelson said that he has a few suggestions. Mr. Nelson said one topic he feels was missed was controlled procedures. Mr. Nelson said that he feels we should lower the limit of expense approval from $5000 to $500 for new purchase of equipment or tools. Mr. Nelson said also with the limit of approval there should be two signature on the check also designation of item (what it is for) and also who received it. Mr. Nelson said that he feels that we should have some sort of form to show who received merchandise in for accountability reasons. Mr. Schneider said that there are only four of us here and the UPS shipment usually comes to the office. Mr. Nelson also said the one thing we really let fall was keeping up of the inventory lists and also the procedures for disposal of equipment. Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Dodd suggested a vehicle log. Mr. Schneider said that Justin keeps record of everything on the equipment.
b. Mechanic Policy. Mr. Schneider said that the verbiage needed to be approved.
c. Fuel Tank. Mr. Schneider said that at the last meeting we got approval to move the fuel tank, but we have to lay some concrete. Mr. Schneider said that he has gotten bids back and they range form $3,000 - $9,000. Mr. Klingenberg said to move it.

Mr. Dodd is involved in a masters class involving the airport.

11. Adjourn