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July 8, 2009 Regular Board Meeting

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
July 8th, 2009
Called to Order at 6 pm

1. Pledge of Allegiance:
2. Roll Call: Johnny Klingenberg (Chairman), Jim Boyd (Vice Chairman) Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Jim Dodd, Craig Neys, Andy Schneider (Manager), Kim Mickelson (Admin Assistant). Absent: Merle Bingham, Kelani Parisian, Guests: Keith Norman (Jamestown Sun) Steve Aldinger (Interstate Engineering), Kyle Wanner.
3. Hearings from the Audience: No Hearings Noted.
4. Notification of Conflict of Interest: No Conflicts Noted.
5. Meeting Minutes
a. Review and Approve the Meeting Minutes of June 10, 2009: Mr. Boyd moved to approve the regular meeting minutes. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
6. Financial Information for June, 2009.
a. Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable: Mr. Nelson asked if we could put the indebtedness report and the accounts payable together as one item on the agenda. Mr. Klingenberg asked about the water testing charge on the visa bill. Mr. Schneider said it was for the testing of the water that comes out of the storm drains. Mr. Dodd suggested breaking down the visa charges more. Mr. Merrick said it would be a good idea especially of things that are not related. Approved no roll call done.
c. Accounts Receivable: Mr. Schneider said that Mesaba was behind on their bill due to invoicing problems with the change over from Northwest to Delta. Mr. Schneider also stated that we added a finance charge of 1.5% for 5 months on to Summit Aviations bill.
e. Financial Statement: Were not at the meeting, No Discussion. Mr. Schneider said that there was one more thing under financials that was not put on the agenda and it was the closing out of the Air Fest Loan. Mr. Schneider stated he was talking with First Class Aviation and they decided to empty out the Air Fest account except for $100.00 to keep it open incase any other money would come in to pay off the money owed to the Airport. Mr. Schneider said that as of July 8th the Air fest loan was paid off, he also said that $1000.00 had to be left in the account to keep it open. Mr. Schneider said that he has all the paper work on the loan if any of the board members would like to look them over. Mr. Dodd asked what the bottom line that the Air Fest cost the airport? Mr. Schneider said the total was $58,738.30. Mr. Schneider also said he told the Air Fest committee that it would not be in the best interest of the airport to ever do this again.
7. Project Reports-
a. Steve Aldinger, Mr. Aldinger said that Andy, Kyle, and himself went to Bismarck for a State Grant meeting and the airport received all the money it asked for and more. Mr. Aldinger also stated that he received a phone call form Mark Holzer & Brian Schuck and they told him they came up with some state apportionment money for us to do part of the runway shoulders this year. Mr. Aldinger said this is a good thing as it will utilize all state money. This will mean that the airport will not have to use any of our entitlement money and we can keep that for our terminal project. Mr. Aldinger said that since we didn't get all the money to finish the runway shoulders this year we redid the plans for the project and broke it down into a base bid with 5 different alternates with the 5th option having to do with the lighted crosses for shutting down the runways. Mr. Aldinger said the plan is to open up bids for the runway shoulders on August 3rd. Mr. Aldinger said that he has been trying to get a hold of Bret Donat on the terminal plans and has not been able to get a hold of him. Mr. Klingenberg said the he talked to him and has set up a design meeting in Bismarck on Tuesday the 14th of July. Mr. Nelson moved to approve and amended the previous approval of the plans & specs of the runway shoulders to split the project in to a base bid with 5 different alternates, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger said that the contractor that won the rejuvenation project would like to start on July 27.
8. Mesaba:
a. End of Month Passenger Boarding: Official numbers are from Julie and they were 249.
b. Flight changes/Time changes: Mr. Schneider said that the flight & time change in mid August. Mr. Boyd asked about the EAS contract. Mr. Schneider said that Mesaba is going to be bidding as well as a new company called Sovereign Air.
9. Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Schneider said that we received approximately $28,000 out of the grant meeting as well as $5,000 for marketing. Mr. Schneider also said that we are going to be doing a half page ad in the flood addition of the Jamestown Sun. Mr. Schneider also stated that the FAA approved the Drag Races which will be held on July 25 & 26. Mr. Schneider said that John Cave came and asked about subleasing the office portion of the FedEx building to a web designing company. Mr. Schneider said since we did get some reimbursement from the state he is looking at going to a conference this year.

10. Equipment Overview:
a. Equipment walk-through: Mr. Schneider took the board members on a walk through of the equipment.
b. Snow Plow: Motion was made to the purchase of the Henke plow. Motion was seconded all approved by roll call vote. Motion carried.
11. Other Business:
a. Approve Bylaws: Tabled till next meeting.
b. Minimum Standards: Tabled till next meeting.
c. Drag Races: Will be held July 25 & 26

12. Adjourn: