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October 14, 2009 Regular Board Meeting

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of October 14, 2009

Call to Order
The meeting of October 14, 2009 was called to order by Chairman Johnny Klingenberg followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call
Present: Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Jim Dodd, Craig Neys.
Absent: Merle Bingham, Kelani Parisian.
Staff: Andy Schneider, Kimberlee Mickelson
Guests: Lindsey Larson, Keith Norman, Al Lamp & John Cave.

Motion: Mr. Nelson stated that there are a few changes to the Meeting minutes of October 14, 2009, the changes are as follows: Mr. Nelson stated the information on the fuel flowage was incorrect and it should state "that the fuel flowage fee was not to be brought up unless it is brought to the board first to be discussed and acted upon." The second correction that Mr. Nelson pointed out is the Financial Control procedures,

Hearings from the Audience:
No Hearings Noted.
Notification of Conflict of Interest:
No Conflicts Noted.
Project Report Steve Aldinger:
Mr. Schneider stated that since Mr. Aldinger is not here he will give a short overview. Mr. Schneider said that the runway shoulder project is underway and that the milling is going faster then the contractors anticipated. Mr. Schneider also said that about two weeks after the milling and the new dirt is done that is when the new cans will be put in. Mr. Schneider said not a lot new with the Terminal project, had a short design meeting about possibly using steel.

Financial Information for September, 2009.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable: Mr. Nelson asked about welding on the main plow truck and Mr. Schneider clarified. Mr. Nelson moved to approve as presented. Mr. Boyd seconded the motion. No roll call vote.
Accounts Receivable: No Questions or Comments.
Financial Statement: No Questions or Comments.
Goodrich Lease: Mr.Schneider stated the he met with Mr. Frank Skully on the ground lease for Goodrich and they are looking for a 15 year fixed lease of $400.00. Mr. Schneider said that there is another meeting set up with them for the week after the board meeting and Mr. Boyd volunteered to attend the meeting with Mr. Schneider.

Official numbers from Julie were 304. Mr. Schneider stated that for the month of December he is going to run a incentive for the college students to fly out of Jamestown by picking up the tab on there baggage fees.

Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Schneider stated that the fuel tank has been moved and hooked up. Mr. Nelson asked about the total amount of damage to the Ford truck. Mr. Schneider stated it was about $700.00. Mr. Dodd made a motion to have a police report done on all vehicular accidents/incidents. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, roll call vote done, Mr. Nelson & Mr. Dodd voted Aye, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Neys & Mr., Klingenberg all voted Na. Motion Defeated. Mr. Schneider said that we have a permit to take 40 seagulls a year, and because of a few bird strikes he has had this year he asked the guys to shoot a few of them.

Equipment Overview: No Issues to discuss

Other Business:
Approve Bylaws: Tabled till next meeting
Minimum Standards: Tabled till next meeting.
Fuel Flowage Fee: Mr. Nelson moved that the fuel flowage fee not be brought up unless it is brought before the board for discussion & acted upon, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Look at the November Board Meeting Date: Due to a holiday on the scheduled board meeting date of November 11, 2009 the board meeting has been move back one week to November 18, 2009.
Financial Control: Mr. Nelson stated that he handed out the financial controls a couple of month ago and that he and Mr. Dodd spoke to the City of Jamestown and Stutsman County on their procedures for personal vehicles in their shops. Mr. Nelson said that he spoke to the city and they said that there are no personal vehicles allowed in the shop. Mr. Dodd spoke to the county and they also said no personal vehicles in the shop. Mr. Dodd brought up that Mr. Klingenberg said that he was going to look into the insurance part of it and Mr. Klingenberg stated that he didn't. Mr. Schneider said that he spoke to our insurance company and they told him that our insurance would cover the damages then our insurance would go after the employee's automotive insurance company. Mr. Nelson also stated that he added three other items to the list of financial controls and the fist one is Cell phone use while in a company vehicle, seconded one is to get two estimates on any damage to the vehicles and third is no loaning out tools or equipment without the managers written agreement. Mr. Nelson moved to adopt the financial controls as originally published with the three items added, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, Mr. Boyd said that he was unclear of what we were voting on, Mr. Nelson clarified , all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for November 18, 2009 at 6:00 pm