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December 9, 2009 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of December 9, 2009

Call to Order
The meeting of December 9, 2009 was called to order by Chairman Johnny Klingenberg followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call
Present: Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Tom Merrick, Jim Dodd, Craig Neys.
Absent: Merle Bingham, Kelani Parisian,
Staff: Andy Schneider, Kimberlee Mickelson
Guests: Joe Larson, Keith Norman, Lindsey Larson.

Motion: Mr. Boyd moved to approve regular meeting min as presented, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Hearings from the Audience:
Mr. Joe Larson spoke of his interest in providing council for the airport.
Notification of Conflict of Interest:
No Conflicts Noted.
Project Report Steve Aldinger:
Mr. Aldinger, stated that the rejuvenation project was pretty much done they just have to do the close out report, runway shoulder project is almost done as well, and we also have to do the close out report on that project. Mr. Aldinger stated that the Taxiway A extension project is almost done as well they are just finishing up hauling the dirt pile out. Mr. Dodd asked why they didn't use the dirt pile for the runway shoulder project because that was the intention, Mr. Aldinger said that was the intention of the pile of dirt but they couldn't get to it because the ground was to soggy. Mr. Aldinger said that they had a teleconference with the FAA and the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission about funding for the terminal on how to get it done in 2010 & 2011 but the airport authority needs to come up with about $320,000 - $350,000 to get the terminal done in 2 years. Mr. Aldinger said that he talked with Mr. Rod Beck from USDA about a low interest rate loan. Mr. Klingenberg said that he spoke to Mr. Fuchs at the city auditor's office about floating a bond issue for 20 years at $32,000 a year. Mr. Schneider said that he talked to Mark Holzer and we are on the agenda for the March aeronautics commission meeting which will determine how much we will get from the state and Mr. Holzer said that it looks like $300,000 above and beyond our 2 1/2% they will give us. Mr. Dodd said he was surprised to see a 1.5 - 1.9 million on the project when at first Mr. Holzer said 9 month ago that we were looking at a 1 million dollar project. Mr. Aldinger said that originally we were talking $2 million. Mr. Aldinger stated that everybody is working very hard at getting as much money as possible for the terminal project. Mr. Dodd asked about the heating system and said that he thought we tabled the option of geo thermal. Mr. Aldinger said that he was correct and that the design committee did table the option because of the cost, but Mr. Schneider talked with Mr. Donet with EAPC and they were still working on the Geo Thermal heating system, Mr. Aldinger said that he would let Mr. Donet know to stop working on it.

Financial Information for November, 2009.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable: Mr. Nelson asked about several repairs to the overhead doors. Mr. Schneider said the motor in the main door to the shop seized up but was repaired for $75.00 and the other door repairs have been to the old shop doors. Mr. Nelson moved to approve, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion, no roll call vote done.
Accounts Receivable: Mr. Nelson asked about adding finance charges of 1.5% to the tenants that are behind on their bills.
Financial Statement: No Discussion.
Official numbers from Julie were 348.
Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Schneider stated that there is not a lot to report November has been pretty quiet. Mr. Boyd brought up a note that Jackie Tarpanian sent Andy and himself about the air fares from Jamestown to Minneapolis being so high that people would rather drive instead of flying. Mr. Schneider stated that it is not just Jamestown in it all of North Dakota with high fares, but Mr. Schneider stated about the next problem bigger than the fares is that Delta wants to phase out all Saabs.
b. Employee Raises: Mr. Schneider said that all three employees ended up having all Jan 1 anniversary dates, because of the budget and the year, Mr. Schneider recommended a 4% raise. Mr. Nelson asked how do you derive at that, Mr. Schneider stated he ran the numbers and took 2% inflation and 2% merit approximately. Mr. Schneider said he thinks that the city is 3% and 2%. Mr. Nelson said the county lowered their budget amount to 3%, Mr. Nelson also stated he checked the CPI index rate and it is at a -.2% for m October 08 - October 09. Mr. Nelson said as just a note that the social security recipients don't get a raise in fact some are in worse shape because of the raising cost of Medicare. Mr. Nelson said that it is nice to give raises, but the economic conditions as they are don't justify it. Mr. Nelson stated that the other calculation when you look back on it is the pickup that ran into the gate and was damaged and 1 years ago on of the vehicles ran in to Julie Dunwoody's vehicle and the other repair incidents were atrocious. Mr. Nelson said that the terminal and the ground did look good though. Mr. Klingenberg stated that he will agree with some of what Mr. Nelson is referring too, but will not go along with all of it. Mr. Klingenberg said he would need to know more facts about the incidents. Mr. Boyd said he goes along with the fact the airport is doing good with not reports of problems with snow removal. Mr. Boyd also stated the concern a couple years ago was on the turn over as far as the technicians, Mr. Boyd also stated that the two technicians we have now are solid people and that we shouldn't give them a reason to leave, he believes 4% is fair. Mr. Nelson said that he disagrees and feels 1% is fair, but 4% in excessive. Mr. Nelson said that the county has set their rate at 3%. Mr. Schneider said that Mr. Dodd and he did a salary survey and the board chooses not to compare us to the county or to other similar airports. Mr. Schneider said to Mr. Nelson that we can not compare these two guys to the county because they do not get paid similar to the county operators. Mr. Schneider also stated that the board requires these guys to be here at 5:00 am and they come out at 10:00pm they work a lot of hours and in hellish conditions and get paid $32,000 a year. Mr. Boyd made a motion to accept the 4% increase for the guys & $.50 for Kim, Mr. Neyes seconded the motion. Mr. Dodd said he can see Mr. Nelson's point of view on some of the issues here. Mr. Dodd also stated that we want to reward our people for good work, but if you have looked at the market in the last 2 years it as went down. Mr. Dodd stated that he was disappointed with the pay grade that Mr. Schneider and himself put a lot of hours into was not adopted, then it would be an automatic issue and not have to be brought up for discussion. Mr. Dodd said that there are two things at play, One is merit pay and the other is cost of living allowance, I don't see anything there it is pretty flat. Mr. Nelson said that for a 1 years the CPI index has been in the negative or even. Mr. Dodd said that we take the 2% cost of living out and just do a 2% merit raise. Mr. Boyd said that the unemployment % in North Dakota is only 2.5%. Mr. Nelson said that he heard 4%. Mr. Boyd said that we are not 10% or 15% unemployment here. And we should try to keep them here. Mr. Dodd said that for the record he would like to see them stay too. Mr. Nelson. Said he would amend the motion to make it 2%. Mr. Nelson asked Mr. Neyes about the county going to 3%. Mr. Neyes said yes only because the county jumped up last year. Mr. Dodd asked if we gave a 6% last year. Mr. Nelson said that we kicked them up from $24,000 to $30,000 and $28,000 to $30,000. Mr. Dodd said in the last two years those positions jumped significantly. Mr. Nelson made a motion to amend the motion from a 4% to a 2% raise, roll call vote: Mr. Nelson Aye, Mr. Klingenberg Aye, Mr. Boyd No, Mr. Dodd Aye, Mr. Neys No. amendment passed 3 to 2 vote, Roll call vote on the original motion of $.50 for Kim and now 2% for Ray and Justin, Mr. Nelson Aye, Mr. Klingenberg Aye, Mr. Boyd No, Mr., Dodd Aye, Mr. Neys No. Motion passed 3 to 2 vote.
c. Airport Attorney: Mr. Merrick stated that this was his last meeting. Mr. Boyd asked why Mr. Ryan didn't come with. Mr. Merrick said that in talking with Mr. Klingenberg he suggested that Mr. Ryan submit a letter.
Equipment Overview: No Issues to discuss
Other Business:
a. Farewell to Tom Merrick: Mr. Merrick was presented with a picture for his 25 years of service to the airport.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for January 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm