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February 10, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of February 10, 2010

Call to Order
The meeting of February 10, 2010 was called to order by Chairman Johnny Klingenberg followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call
Present: Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Jim Dodd, Craig Neys, Kelani Parisian, Leo Ryan.
Absent: Merle Bingham.
Staff: Andy Schneider, Kimberlee Mickelson
Guests: Jon Cave, Heidi Koenig, Keith Norman, Roger and Christine Fincel, Brett Donat, Stephen Vivian.

Motion: Mr. Boyd moved to approve the regular meeting minutes, Ms. Parisian seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Hearings from the Audience: Mr. Fincel said that he and his wife came to discuss the easement for the approach on the northwest corner of the airport property. Mr. Ryan said in looking at the information he would recommend a license instead of an easement. Mr. Ryan also stated he feels it will satisfy all parties involved. Mr. Aldinger stated that FAA requirements we can not give away the right to our property. Mr. Dodd made a motion on the license agreement pending FAA approval, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Election of Officers: Mr. Boyd asked if we need to elect officers tonight. Mr. Boyd made a motion to keep the officers as is until new election at City Hall in June, Mr. Neys seconded the motion. Mr. Ryan said that Mr. Klingenberg shall remain until a successor has been appointed & qualified. Mr. Dodd said that this has gone on for awhile now and feels we should elect new officers. Mr. Nelson agreed. Mr. Boyd, Mr. Neyes, Ms. Parisian in favor signified by saying aye, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Dodd, opposed. Motion carried three to two votes.
Notification of Conflict of Interest:
No Conflicts Noted.
Jon Cave, First Class Aviation: Mr. Cave stated that he is a certified fueling instructor now. Mr. Cave also said that he became aware of a tour group going around the United States that has 20 vintage biplane aircraft's. Mr. Cave said that Jamestown is one of seven citied that will be hosting the tour. Mr. Cave said that the fees for the tour are already half paid for and the remainder will be taken care of before they come here.
Project Report Steve Aldinger: Mr. Aldinger said that he has three closeout reports with him that need approval. The first one is for the terminal justification, the second is for taxiway A extension, and the third is for the rejuvenation project. Mr. Boyd made a motion to approve the closeouts of the three projects, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger said the only other project is the terminal. Mr. Donat explained the different layouts that he brought with him. Mr. Donat stated that by the end of February beginning part of March they hope to have 95% of the drawing done to take with to the Aviation Symposium for FAA approval and grant money. Mr. Donat stated that the summary says we are remodeling 2174 sq ft in current building at $100 sq ft estimate and 4835 sq ft in addition at $200.00 sq ft. Mr. Donat said that we are bidding the pitched roof and new brick on the current part of the building as an alternate. Mr. Aldinger said as far as the financing goes the last time we met and agreed to start the pre application process on the USDA loan we haven't submitted the application yet but we did receive the letter from Mr. Ryan and some other legal documents they needed right away sent out. Mr. Aldinger said that we are planning to open the bids in April or May.

Financial Information for January, 2009.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable: Mr. Dodd had a question about the $50.00 personal vehicle use. Mr. Schneider said that it was already in effect when he got here. Mr. Nelson said that it was originally set up to have a vehicle log to account for the $50.00. Mr. Dodd made a motion that airport employees use airport vehicles for business related errands. Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, Ms. Parisian would like to make an amendment to the motion that we look in the insurance part of personal vehicle use for business related things, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried. Ms. Parisian moved to approve the indebtedness report/accounts payable, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Accounts Receivable: Mr. Schneider said that the reason they all show current is because as of January 1 we revamped our QuickBooks.
Financial Statement: Mr. Nelson said it would be nice to look them over since we just received them. Mr. Nelson stated that at the last meeting we discussed how the audit reports showed a significant increase in expenses. Mr. Nelson suggested to look at the audit reports for year to year to compare them and see why the increases where there and what we can do to bring them down.

Official numbers from Julie were 294.
Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Schneider stated the Ray put in his 2 week resignation. Mr. Schneider said that he has already put a job ad in the paper.
b. Midwest Aviation Symposium: Mr. Schneider said that he needs approval for the expenditures that go along with attending the symposium in March as well as the expenses for Mr. Klingenberg and Mr. Boyd for the day they attend. Ms. Parisian moved to approve, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye motion carried.
c. Equipment Overview:
a. Broom Truck: Mr. Schneider said he has some huge concerns about the broom truck. Mr. Schneider said he did speak with Mark Holzer and Brian Schuck from the FAA and the said that here will be money available for equipment replacements this fall if some projects don't go through.
Other Business:
a. Hazard Mitigation, Jim Dodd: Mr. Dodd stated that he attended a workshop held by the LAPC and Mr. Berquest about the county having a contract to produce a master plan for hazard mitigation. Mr. Dodd also said the there will be a form for Mr. Schneider to fill out at return to be included in the inquest.
b. Summit Aviation: Mr. Schneider said that Summit Aviation is behind with their lease payment. Mr. Schneider said he spoke with Mike Kadrmas about it and Mr. Kadrmas said that his father now owns the building. Mr. Schneider said the lease still show Mike as being the owner and what to know if we want to rewrite the lease or just leave it alone. Mr. Klingenberg said that Mr. Ryan should write a letter to Mr. Kadrmas, but to just leave the lease alone for now.
Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for Mrch 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm