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January 13, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of January13, 2010

Call to Order
The meeting of January 13, 2010 was called to order by Chairman Johnny Klingenberg followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call
Present: Johnny Klingenberg, Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Jim Dodd, Craig Neys.
Absent: Merle Bingham, Kelani Parisian,
Staff: Andy Schneider, Kimberlee Mickelson
Guests: Rep from 1st Class Aviation, Keith Norman, Leo Ryan, Lindsey Larson.

Motion: Mr. Nelson said that he had an amendment to make to the regularly meeting min from December, 09 in the employee raise portion. Mr. Nelson said that there was some important information left out, he said that he asked Mr. Schneider how he came up with the percents for the raises and Mr. Schneider said it would be a 2% cost of living raise and a 2% merit raise. Mr. Nelson stated that he said that the economy according to the CPI index was at a -.2%. Mr. Nelson also said that he mentioned about a year and a half ago that we bumped one employee up from $28,000 to $30,000 and the other employee from $24,000 to $30,000. Mr. Nelson made a motion to amend the meeting minutes, Mr. Neyes seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes as amended, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Special Meeting Minutes: Mr. Dodd brought up that when discussing the employee bonuses we did not discuss who was going to pay the taxes on them; Mr. Dodd suggested that the Airport Authority pay them. Mr. Schneider said that he would check with Rene & Associates on how the taxes where figured. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the special meeting minutes, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Hearings from the Audience:
Mr. Kligenberg introduced Mr. Ryan. Mr. Ryan introduced himself and gave a brief background.
Appointment of Attorney: Mr. Nelson made a motion to appoint Mr. Ryan as the attorney for the Airport Authority, Mr. Boyd seconded the motion. Mr. Dodd suggested that we go into executive session. Mr. Nelson said he would withdraw his motion & Mr. Boyd withdrew the second. Mr. Klingenberg stated we did not need to go into executive session, but asked Mr. Ryan to step out for a few min and Mr. Ryan agreed. Mr. Dodd pointed out that we have two good candidates. Mr. Klingenberg stated the thing that swayed his mind is the fact that Mr. Merrick strongly recommended Mr. Ryan. Mr. Nelson reinstated his motion to appoint Mr. Ryan as legal council for the Airport Authority, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.
Notification of Conflict of Interest:
No Conflicts Noted.
Project Report Steve Aldinger:
Mr. Aldinger stated that the rejuvenation project is done and the close out report is done as well, we just need approval on it. Mr. Aldinger said we ended up about $6,800 under budget due to the crack sealing there was less then expected and we too the shoulders off. Mr. Aldinger said the crosswind runway construction and engineering was $1,100 less then expected too. Mr. Aldinger said the reimbursement payment is $1,517.00. Mr. Boyd made a motion to approve the final payment of $1,517.00, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, roll call vote done, Mr. Nelson aye, Mr. Boyd aye, Mr Dodd aye, Mr. Neyes aye, Mr. Klingenberg aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger said the second project we have going on is the Taxiway extension & Runway shoulders and they are both done. Mr.Aldinger also stated the close out report is pretty much done, the only thing holding those up is the environmental assessment that we have been working on got 4 years. There are 3 projects that the environmental assessment in involved with the first one is the terminal justification project, the second is the taxiway extension, and the third is the runway shoulders. Mr. Aldinger said the runway shoulder project is where we actually moved the environmental assessment too and we can't close those projects until it is done. Mr. Aldinger also stated that the public hearing was held for the environmental assessment and nobody came to it and we had a 15 day waiting period for any questions and on the 16th day he had Mr. Boomgartner drive the results to Bismarck so they had them that day. Mr. Aldinger said the guy that need to be paid for the land has to be paid by the end of January, he was supposed to be paid at the end of December, but he was nice enough to give us one extra month with interest. Mr. Dodd asked how much money we are looking at. Mr. Aldinger said 6% interest which is about $5,000 in interest that is not refunded by the FAA. Mr. Aldinger said the FAA has been pushing us to get rid of some if the wet lands. Mr. Aldinger said that there is about 17 acres. Mr. Aldinger also said that Mr. Holzer has agreed to give us some state apportionment money to get rid of some of the wet lands. Mr. Aldinger said the only other project we are working on is the terminal project. Mr. Aldinger said that he spoke with Mr. Donat from EAPC and they are about 70% done with their plans & specs. Mr. Aldinger said the biggest thing now with the terminal project is funding. Mr. Aldinger said that Mr. Schneider, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Klingenberg, and he spoke with the USDA and they are willing to loan us the money at a 4% interest. Mr. Aldinger said the biggest thing they need right now is a legal opinion from our attorney that we are a public entity that can repay the money. Mr. Aldinger said that we are looking at about $350,000 above the FAA funding. Mr. Aldinger said that if we borrowed $350,000 for 20 years our payments per year would be $25,753, for 30 years it would go down to $30,240 per year and for 40 years it would go down to $17,683 per year. Mr. Aldinger also said that we do have an existing loan for the runway project through the City of Jamestown with 6 years left to pay on. Mr. Aldinger said another option would be to have the USDA loan us $425,000 to pay off the city loan that way we would only have one payment to make per year. Mr. Aldinger said that Mr. Schneider did look in to the interest through the city and that is at 3.25%. Mr. Dodd stated his concern about putting all of our eggs in one basket and not having any funds for general aviation or equipment repair. Mr. Boyd made a motion to go forward with the loan application, Mr. Neyes seconded the motion, all those in favor signified by saying aye, one oppose, motion carried.

Financial Information for November, 2009.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable: Mr. Nelson had a couple of questions about the tool purchases, and was wondering if they are being added to our tool inventory. Mr. Nelson also asked about the cell phone bill and the Dakota Central Telecommunications and to look in to it, unless the other members are not interested in doing so. Mr. Nelson moved to approve, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, roll call vote, Mr. Nelson aye, Mr. Boyd aye, Mr. Dodd aye, Mr. Neyes aye, Mr. Klingenberg aye, motion carried
Accounts Receivable: Mr. Nelson asked about the several past due accounts and if an interest rate was added and if it was done so for every month they have been behind. Mr. Schneider said yes.
Financial Statement: Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Dodd and he were in charge of going to visit with Jim Boatman with Rene & Associates about different formats for the financial statements, and he said that there were several print formats. Mr. Nelson said that one of the formats displays 5 years instead of the one month. Mr. Nelson said that he would suggest that we use the format that displays the 5 years instead of the one month one, because the one month really has no value. Mr. Schneider said we will just have them switch it.

Official numbers from Julie were 344.
Human Resources:
a. Managers Report: Mr. Nelson said he had a comment on the class room issue. Mr. Nelson said a lot of data was missing from the report. Mr. Nelson stated that he came and talked to Mr. Schneider about the use of the ARFF classroom before any emails were sent out and Mr. Schneider stated that he did not want the ARFF class room used. Mr. Nelson said the next step was to contact the chairman because he did not agree with Mr. Schneider and Mr. Nelson said he did so verbally. Mr. Schneider said that Mr. Nelson can not email everyone on the board for input according to the ND open records law. Mr. Schneider said it could be brought up at a board meeting but you can not discuss it over an email. Mr. Nelson said the only reason for the email was to let the board members know that the Civil Air Patrol wants to have a Sarex here and that they may be in need of a class room Mr. Boyd said that some of us responded to the email and probably should not have. Mr. Schneider said that he doesn't feel that the class room shouldn't be used for C. A. P and during the time that they need it we have an employee over there doing ARFF and Mr. Schneider said he does not want the ARFF employee to have any distractions while they are working. Mr. Schneider stated that this is nothing against the C.A.P; Mr. Schneider said for example if Jon Cave asked to use it he would say the same thing, because I don't feel that building should be open to the public, Mr. Schneider also said that he hopes the other board members respect his decision and not allow this. Mr. Dodd asked if the director made a specific request to use that facility, Mr. Nelson said no not specifically, but if needed would it be available. Mr. Nelson made a motion to allow the C.A.P to use the classroom in the ARFF shop, Mr. Dodd seconded the motion, all those in favor signify by saying aye, 2 ayes, 3 oppose, motion dismissed.
Equipment Overview: Mr. Schneider said that the 16" of snow we got really pushed the equipment. Mr. Schneider said the rear axel went out on the broom truck and we are getting to the point that it is hard to find parts for it; luckily we found the axle in New York. Mr. Schneider said the broom truck was reconditioned in 1984. Mr. Schneider said that he has been looking into a good alternative to a broom truck and it would be a new front end loader with a broom attachment. Mr. Schneider said that there was large gash in one of the tires on the front end loader and it has been leaking air for over a year. Mr. Schneider said that he got four quotes on tires and went with the cheapest. Mr. Dodd asked if we saved the old tires, Mr. Schneider said yes. Mr. Schneider said that his concern is that if the broom truck would go down we would be hurting. Mr. Dodd suggested that Mr. Schneider needs to do some more research on our options.
Other Business:
a. Goodrich Lease: Mr. Schneider said the he met with Connie Ova the President of JSDC. Mr. Schneider said the Goodrich building # 2's lease is coming up. Mr. Schneider said in the land agreement signed in 2004 the have an option to do a 5 year extension on their lease under the same rates of $370.00 per acre, but will increase by the CPI index for the next 5 years. Mr. Schneider said that he feels it is on and we just did the same thing with Dakota Brands and it would also keep all of the industrial park on this highway at the same rate. Mr. Klingenberg said to go ahead with the lease. Mr. Schneider sad the last thing we have under other business is an easement for the property just north of the airport. Mr. Schneider said that the land owners are looking at putting a new home there and need to have an easement t with the airport because to get to their property the road is on Airport property. Mr. Schneider said for them to get funding they need the easement. Mr. Schneider said that their lawyer drew up the easement and Mr. Merrick looked it over and didn't see anything wrong with it. Mr. Nelson said there are some other things to think of. Mr. Dodd suggested we table it for now and let our attorney review it. Mr. Nelson said if we approve it there should be some sort of escape clause in it to protect the airport.
b. Mr. Klingenberg asked Mr. Ryan about his term as chairman. Mr. Klingenberg said that he would like to put on the February agenda an election of officers. Mr. Nelson said that their need to be a motion because we are deviating from our bylaws. Mr. Boyd made a motion to move the election of officers from Jan to Feb this one time, Mr. Klingenberg said lets adjourn the meeting with the understanding in researching the information and we have to have an election in Jan we will call a special meeting.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for February 10, 2010 at 6:00 pm