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March 16, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of March 16th, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of March 16th, 2011 was called to order by Chairman Jim Boyd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Present: Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Leo Ryan, Wayne Mathson, Katie Andersen, Craig Neys, Jack Clay.
Staff: Matthew Leitner, Kimberlee Mickelson.
Guests: Keith Norman, Steve Aldinger, Lynn Hopewell, Mason Short, Brad Fields, Josh Simmers, Lindsey Larson, Stephen Vivian.

Motion: Mr. Nelson Moved to approve, Mayor Andersen, seconded, Mayor Andersen said under the chairman's comments section it should say wanted instead of want. Mr. Boyd said under the strategic planning session it should say that Mr. Leitner in stead of the. All in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Hearings from the Audience:

Mr. Mason Short with Kadramas Lee and Jackson gave a presentation on the economic impact aviation has on Jamestown.

Notification of Conflict of Interest:

No Conflicts Noted.

Chairman's Comments:

Mr. Boyd said he had the privilege of utilizing the airport and was very impressed with the service and the runway conditions. Mr. Boyd wanted to congratulate Mr. Leitner for being elected Vice President of the Airport Association of North Dakota. Mr. Boyd said he would like a strategic planning update on the agenda for April and also the results of the Jamestown College Survey Team and Lance Brower.

Project Report, Steve Aldinger:

Mr. Aldinger stated he has nothing new to update. Mr. Aldinger stated the only thing that he needs approval on is the payment to Wick Construction for $59,997.39 for last months work. Mayor Anderson moved to approve the payment, Mr. Mathson seconded the motion, roll call vote, Mayor Andersen, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, Mr. Neys, aye, Mr. Mathson, aye, Mr. Nelson, aye, Mr. Clay, aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger said that Mr. Boyd, Mr. Leitner, and himself had a teleconference with Cynthia O'Neal about the space for Delta at the new terminal.

Financial Information for January, 2010.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable:

Mayor Andersen moved to approve, Mr. Nelson seconded the motion, Roll Call vote, Mr. Mathson, aye, Mayor Andersen, aye, Mr. Nelson, aye, Mr. Neys, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, Mr. Clay, aye, motion carried

Accounts Receivable:

No report available.

Financial Statements:

No Discussion


Official numbers were 406.

Human Resources:

Managers Report:

Mr. Leitner stated that all the equipment is all up and running and is inspected once a week. Mr. Leitner said that he has seen positive effects from his marketing effects.

Other Business:

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for April 20th, 2011 at 6:00 pm at City Hall.