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April 20, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of April 20th, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of April 20th, 2011 was called to order by Chairman Jim Boyd followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Present: Jim Boyd, Dennis Nelson, Leo Ryan, Wayne Mathson, Craig Neys.
Absent: Jack Clay, Katie Andersen
Staff: Matthew Leitner, Kimberlee Mickelson.
Guests: Keith Norman, Steve Aldinger, Art Todd, Lance Brower, Kristin Williams, Allison Church, Mindy Clark.

Motion: Mr. Nelson Moved to approve, Mr. Neys, seconded, Mr. Boyd stated on page one in project reports it should say nothing new to update instead of no new updates. All in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Hearings from the Audience:

Jamestown College Students Kristine Williams, Allison Church, and Mindy Clark performed a comprehensive presentation outlining the results of the survey they conducted on the economic effect of the Jamestown Regional Airport with respect to the community. Mr. Lance Brower from the NDSU Extension Office stated the Jamestown Regional Airport is responsible for over $374,000 of economic impact to the community.

Notification of Conflict of Interest:

No Conflicts Noted.

Chairman's Comments:

Mr. Boyd said Mr. Ben Meier passed away. Mr. Boyd read the complimentary email he received from Mr. Vern Goth thanking us for the help he received from Mr. Lamp, Mr. Dullum and Mr. Leitner.

Project Report, Steve Aldinger:

Mr. Aldinger stated that he has a payment which needs to be approved for last month's work done by Wick Construction in the amount of $57,339.05. Mr. Nelson moved to approve the payment to Wick Construction in the amount of $57,339.05, Mr. Mathson seconded the motion, roll call vote, Mr. Nelson aye, Mr. Mathson, aye, Mr. Neys aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger gave an update on the progress of the new terminal construction; Mr. Aldinger stated we are about two weeks behind due to inclement weather conditions. Mr. Aldinger went on to say that Mr. Mark Holzer is now FAA project manager for JMS in addition to all the general aviation airports. Mr. Aldinger did a review of the progressive estimate for the terminal project. Mr. Aldinger stated 19% of the project is complete. Mr. Aldinger went on to say that it looks like the airport will need to come up with $283,000 of its own money to finish the terminal project. Mr. Aldinger mentioned that in our state grant application is $40,173.00 for the terminal plus a state share for the broom truck and runway rehabilitation, with 2.5% being the airport's responsibility. Mr. Aldinger said the other thing he would like to talk about is a proposed engineering agreement to handle the spec and bidding process for the broom truck, runway rehabilitation and various terminal construction projects. Mr. Aldinger stated the lump sum fee for design portion will be $13,000.00, for construction inspection not to exceed $3,000.00 and the close out report $500.00. Mr. Nelson moved to approve, Mr. Neys seconded, roll call vote, Mr. Neys, aye, Mr. Mathson, aye, Mr. Nelson, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, motion carried.

Financial Information for April, 2010.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable:

Mr. Nelson moved to approve, Mr. Mathson seconded the motion, Roll Call vote, Mr. Mathson, aye, Mr. Nelson, aye, Mr. Neys, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, motion carried

Accounts Receivable:

All accounts current except for Summit Aviation.

Financial Statements:

No Discussion

Strategic Project Status:

"T" Hangars: Mr. Nelson stated that we are in the process of ascertaining demand and obtaining a list of parties interested in t-hangers. A determination needs to be made as to whether or not the airport will own the hangars and lease them to tenants or continue with the present arrangement.

Update Airport Master Plan: Nothing new to update.

Create/Update Minimum Standards: Mr. Leitner stated that he has distributed several copies of the airport's minimum standards and solicited feedback from a number of concerned parties. He also stated that it is on www.flyjamestown.net and is available for anyone to review.
Terminal Area Improvement: Nothing new to update.

Jet Bridge: Nothing new to update.

Update Airport Master Plan: Nothing new to update.


Official numbers were 482.

Human Resources:

Managers Report:

Mr. Leitner stated that all of the equipment is in good working order, marketing efforts seem to be effective and the paperwork with respect to the drag races and Air Race Classic has been submitted to all concerned parties.

Other Business:

Right of First Refusal of the McIlonie Hangar: Tabled until May meeting

Purchase of ATV: Tabled until May meeting.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for May 18th, 2011 at 6:00 pm at City Hall.