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April 18, 2012 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of April 18th, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting of April 18th, 2012 was called to order by Chairman Jim Boyd, followed
by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Present: Jim Boyd, Leo Ryan, Craig Neys, Jack Clay, Katie Andersen, Keith Veil,
Jeff Wilhelm, Wayne Mathson
Matthew Leitner, Kimberlee Mickelson.
Guests: Steve Aldinger, Kari Lucin, Reed Schwartzkopf

Motion: Mr. Boyd said last month's minutes should read, "Part 139" as in the
FAA regulatory requirements, not "part of 139." Mr. Wilhelm also noticed the
date of the next meeting was written incorrectly. Mr. Wilhelm moved to approve
as amended, Mr. Clay seconded the motion, all in favor signified by saying aye,
motion carried.

Hearings from the Audience:

None noted

Notification of Conflict of Interest:

Mr. Veil stated he has a conflict of interest regarding the sale of his hangar that will
be brought up in other business.

Chairman's Comments:

Mr. Boyd stated he will leave his comments for the Great Lakes Transition item on
the agenda.

Project Report, Steve Aldinger:

Mr. Aldinger informed the board that the terminal remodel is nearly complete.
Mr. Aldinger said he has a progressive estimate for the work Wick Construction has
completed on the remodel of $18,518.89. Mr. Wilhelm made the motion to approve the
payment to Wick Construction for $18,518.89, Mr. Mathson seconded the motion, roll
call: Mr. Mathson, aye, Mr. Wilhelm, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, Mr. Clay, aye, Mr. Neys, aye,
Mayor Andersen, aye, Mr. Veil, aye, motion carried. Mr. Aldinger said the lights on the outside of the new terminal are not all fixed yet. Mr. Aldinger said he has some concerns
about the lighting on the outside of the new terminal and has called EAPC to come out
and look at them. Mr. Aldinger said he talked with the manufacturer about the lights
and they informed him that these types of lights aren't designed for high winds or harsh
winters. Mr. Aldinger went on to ask Mr. Leitner about the broom truck. Mr. Leitner said
he spoke with M-B and it should be here later next week.

Great Lakes Transition: Mr. Leitner stated that on March 21, a letter signed by
Mr. Boyd, Mayor Andersen and Mr. Leitner was sent to our congressional delegation
concerning airfares. Mr. Leitner said we have been exercising every option at our
disposal to apply pressure on Delta to make the fares more competitive. Mr. Leitner
stated Delta has been placing restrictions on the Great Lakes fares which render them
non-competitive. However, it was noted that consumers wishing to fly out of Jamestown
may buy a ticket on Great Lakes and a ticket on a connecting carrier out of MSP which,
together, represent a competitive price.

Financial Information for March, 2012.

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/ Accounts Payable:

Mayor Andersen moved to approve, Mr. Wilhelm seconded the motion, Roll
Call vote, Mr. Veil, aye, Mr. Neys, aye, Mr. Boyd, aye, Mr. Wilhelm, aye, Mayor
Andersen aye, Mr. Clay, aye, Mr. Mathson, aye, motion carried.

Accounts Receivable:

All are current.

Financial Statements:

No discussion.

Great Lakes Airlines:

Official numbers were 448.

Managers' Report:

Mr. Leitner said everything is going well, the equipment is up and running and in
good operational condition. Mr. Leitner stated the new broom truck is expected
to be here in the near future and that the issues which caused the delivery date to
be postponed are being worked out. Mr. Leitner said everything on the airfield
is looking good. Mr. Leitner also informed members of the board that Mr. Randy Dullum has submitted his resignation.

Other Business:

Mr. Wilhelm asked if we came up with an agreement on the Grant Frey lease. Mr.
Ryan did some research with various agricultural land lenders and said the going rate
for this type of land is about $75.00 per acre.

Keith Veil Hangar: Mr. Ryan said Mr. Veil's hangar, R-8, is being offered to to
Reuben Liechty. Mayor Andersen moved to wave our right of first refusal, Mr.
Mathson seconded the motion, all in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Reuban Liechty Hangar: Mr. Ryan said Mr. Liechty is looking to sell his hangar to
Mr. Ben Bush. Mayor Andersen made a motion to wave or right of first refusal, Mr.
Clay seconded the motion, all in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for May 18th, 2012 at 6:00pm at City Hall.