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May 15, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of May 15, 2013

Call to Order:

The JRAA meeting of May 15, 2013 was called to order by Chairman Jim Boyd, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Present: Jim Boyd, Leo Ryan, Katie Andersen, Brent Harris, Wayne Mathson, Keith Veil.
Absent: Jeff Wilhelm, Craig Neys
Staff: Matthew Leitner, Kimberlee Mickelson.
Guests: Steve Aldinger, Chris Olson, Lynn Hopewell, Reed Schwartzkopf, DeAnn Ament.


Mayor Andersen requested a change to reflect the proper spelling of Mr. Ben Busch's last name and clarification that t-hangar construction was proposed versus planned. Mayor Andersen moved to approve the March meeting minutes as amended. Mr. Veil seconded the motion; all in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Hearings from the Audience:

None noted.

Notification of Conflict of Interest:

None noted.

Chairman's Comments:

No comments from Chairman Boyd.

Project Report, Steve Aldinger:

Mr. Aldinger said the new outdoor terminal lights that were previously approved will not work due to the fact there are only 2x2 studs instead of 2x4 studs in the soffit. Mr. Aldinger said Mr. Vaughn from EAPC has proposed a different light which will supplant the lights previously proposed. Mr. Aldinger suggested calling Mr. Vaughn with any questions, a call was subsequently placed to Mr. Vaughn. Mayor Andersen asked Mr. Vaughn if the structure could be changed to accommodate the lights previously agreed upon. Mr. Vaughn replied in the affirmative but went on to state that it would be more costly. Mr. Veil asked if the newly proposed light produced the same luminescence as the old one. Mr. Veil also asked if Mr. Vaughn would be comfortable mounting the new light to the existing structure. Mr. Vaughn said the light does produce the same luminescence and that he would feel comfortable mounting the new light to the existing structure. Mayor Andersen asked to have a sample sent of the new light fixture in the same bronze color.

Mr. Aldinger presented the bids for the runway 4/22 PAPIs, beacon and gates. Mr. Aldinger said the only company that bid on the gate project was Dakota Fence. Mr. Aldinger said our original estimate for the new gates was $45,000 and Dakota Fence came in at $42,279.00. Mr. Aldinger said the only company that bid on the PAPIs and beacon was Strata Corporation. The original estimate for the PAPIs and beacon was $72,000 and Strata Corporation came in a little higher, at $94,000. A grant request has been issued to NDAC to cover 50% of these costs. Mr. Aldinger said he recommended that the JRAA award the bids to Strata Corporation and Dakota Fence. Mr. Veil made a motion to award the bid to Dakota Fence in the amount of $42,279.00 for the gates and to Strata Corp in the amount of $94,000.00 for the PAPIs and beacon; Mr. Harris seconded the motion, roll call; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mr. Veil aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; Mayor Andersen, aye; motion carried.

Mr. Aldinger said the last thing is the proposed t-hangar project. Mr.Aldinger stated that the location of the proposed hangars was changed due to a large storm sewer pipe in the previous location and because of new IBC fire codes. Mr. Boyd introduced Mrs. DeAnn Ament from North Dakota Public Finance to discuss bonding options as a means to finance the hangar project. A discussion of various options ensued. Mr. Boyd determined that it would be prudent to hold a special meeting on June 12th after the state grant meeting, so an exact determination of financial needs could be made.

Financial Information for April, 2013:

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/Accounts Payable:

Mayor Andersen inquired about two Otter Tail power bills, a new garage door for the terminal and a plumbing repair.
Mr. Mathson moved to approve, Mr. Harris seconded the motion, roll call: Mayor Andersen, aye; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; motion carried

Accounts Receivable:

All are current.

Financial Statements:

Mayor Andersen moved to approve the financial statement; Mr. Harris seconded the motion, roll call; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mayor Andersen, aye; motion carried.

Great Lakes Airlines:

Official boarding number for April 2013 was 162.

Strategic Planning:

Commercial Air Service

Mr. Boyd reminded everyone present that our new RFP for airline service would be forthcoming in approximately four months.

General Aviation:

Much regarding this initiative is encompassed by the proposed t-hangar construction. Mr. Mathson asked about Mr. Brad Stangeland. Mr. Leitner stated Mr. Stangeland accepted a position in Minnesota and will no longer be offering flight instruction in Jamestown. Mr. Leitner also noted that the JRAA will not be hiring him to work on the flight instruction study as he will no longer be in the area.

Economic Development Growth:

Mr. Boyd discussed the open house which was hosted on April 4th at the Quality Inn and Suites presenting the airport's strategic growth plan.

Managers' Report:

Mr. Leitner said he would like to publicly thank Mayor Andersen, the JRAA, and North Dakota's state congressional delegation for being instrumental in helping the ND Aeronautics Commission receive extra money to assist airports throughout the state. Mr. Leitner went on to say that all of the airport's equipment is up and running and that the field is being maintained in accordance with our FAA ACM.

Other Business:

Fork Lift Sale:

Mr. Leitner said we have an old forklift that he would like to sell as it no longer serves the airport well. Mr. Leitner said Mr. Veil has been letting the airport use a smaller forklift of his. Mr. Veil asked if Mr. Leitner would consider trading the airport's old forklift for the one of his that they've been using. Mayor Andersen suggested Mr. Leitner and Mr. Veil confer and present the board with a proposal.

Assignment of Lease:

Mr. Ryan said we can table this item for the time being.

Renewal of Ag Lease:

Mr. Ryan stated that Mr. Neil Kramer has a small piece of land that is up for lease renewal in July 2013. Mr. Ryan asked the board to instruct the lease committee to enter into negotiations to revise the terms.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for June 19th, 2013 at 6:00pm, in the JRA board room.