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September 18, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes

Jamestown Regional Airport Authority
Board Meeting of September 18, 2013

Call to Order:

The JRAA meeting of September 18, 2013 was called to order by Chairman Jim Boyd, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Present: Jim Boyd, Leo Ryan, Katie Andersen, Wayne Mathson, Keith Veil, Brent Harris, Craig Neys, Jeff Wilhelm.
Staff: Matthew Leitner, Kimberlee Mickelson.
Guests: Steve Aldinger, Chris Olson, Lynn Hopewell, Mary Jensen, Reuben Liechty, Larry Loose.


Mayor Andersen moved to approve the August 21st meeting minutes. Mr. Mathson seconded the motion; all in favor signified by saying aye, motion carried.

Hearings from the Audience:

Mr. Bradley Stangeland informed those present that he is back in the area to offer flight training and is working with the Jamestown High School in addition to the University of Jamestown to initiate course credit for aviator training.

Notification of Conflict of Interest:

None noted.

Chairman's Comments:

Mr. Boyd stated he would withhold his comments until the strategic planning portion of the meeting.

Project Report, Steve Aldinger:

Mr. Aldinger presented a status update with respect to the airport's PAPI's, rotating beacon and outdoor lighting fixtures. The PAPI's are installed but need to be flight checked by the FAA before they are deemed operational. Delivery of the pole for the rotating beacon has been delayed but should arrive concurrent with the installation of the outdoor lighting fixtures for the terminal, sometime during mid-October.

Financial Information for September, 2013:

Review and Approve Indebtedness Report/Accounts Payable:

Mr. Wilhelm moved to approve, Mr. Veil seconded the motion, roll call: Mayor Andersen, aye; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mr. Veil, aye; Mr. Wilhelm, aye; Mr. Neys, aye, motion carried

Accounts Receivable:

All are current.

Financial Statements:

Mr. Wilhelm moved to approve the financial statement; Mr. Harris seconded the motion, roll call: Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mayor Andersen, aye; Mr. Veil, aye; Mr. Neys, aye; Mr. Wilhelm, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye, motion carried.

Great Lakes Airlines:

Official boarding number for August 2013 was 267, up a little over the previous August.

Strategic Planning:

Commercial Air Service:

Mr. Boyd said Mr. Leitner spoke with Mr. Dennis DeVaney of the U.S. DOT regarding the issuance of Jamestown's EAS RFP, which he anticipated will occur at the beginning of November. Mr. Leitner explained the process and order of operations with respect to the issuance of the RFP, community feedback and potential carrier transition.

Mr. Boyd went on to say that a formal agreement for Delta's SkyMiles has been signed by both Great Lakes and Delta Air Lines.

General Aviation:

Mr. Wilhelm discussed his meetings with the general aviation committee and suggested moving forward with the airport's proposed hangar project, soliciting bids for a 8 t-hangar bank + 1 large hangar configuration, with fire suppression and water as alternate bid options.

Mr. Wilhelm made a motion to proceed with the specs and bid of the 8 + 1 t-hangar configuration. Mr. Veil seconded the motion, roll call: Mr. Veil, aye; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mayor Andersen, aye; Mr. Harris, aye; Mr. Neys, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; Mr. Wilhelm, aye, motion carried.

Economic Development:

The JRA strategic plan is being integrated into a comprehensive ALP revision.

Manager's Report:

Mr. Leitner stated that all of the airport's equipment is up and running and the field is being well maintained.

Other Business:

Gate Key Cards/Airport Ordinance Update Project:

Mr. Veil suggested the airport consider consolidating ground vehicle drivers' training into a recurring class for several participants and issuing them a separate agreement subject to an individual's signature for issuance of the new gate cards. Mr. Boyd appointed Mr. Veil and Mr. Leitner to the committee. Mr. Ryan suggested having the same committee look into updating applicable airport ordinances to ensure consistency with the drivers' training and issuance of gate cards. Mayor Andersen stated that she would like to be included for the ordinance update portion of the project.

Airport Leases:

Mr. Ryan informed board members that now would be a good time to set a base rate for the airport t-hangars since all the leases expired.

Mayor Andersen made a motion to adjust the leases for the established base rate plus CPI. Mr. Wilhelm seconded the motion. Mr. Boyd asked if anyone recognized a conflict of interest? Mr. Veil and Mr. Harris stated to the affirmative since they are lease holders. Roll call: Mayor Andersen, aye; Mr. Neys, aye; Mr. Mathson, aye; Mr. Boyd, aye; Mr. Wilhelm, aye: 5 ayes and 2 abstaining from the vote due to conflict of interest, motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned: Next meeting set for October 16, 2013 at 6:00pm, in the JRA board room.