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2014 Strategic Planning Session

Long Range Strategic Plan for the Jamestown Regional Airport 2014 -2018
January 18, 2014
Approved by the Board February 19, 2014

Vision Statement:
Become the Airport of Choice providing World Class, Safe and Secure, Aviation Facilities and Services.
Mission Statement:
Provide safe and secure facilities and services to meet or exceed the expectations of the traveling public, general aviation, and aviation related businesses while assisting with economic and educational development opportunities.

Airport Manager is aggressive, high energy, motivational, trusted, respected, and a good communicator
•Excellent Runways with all-weather approaches
•Airside Facilities well-maintained and expandable
•Strong Relationship with Local, State, and Federal Agencies
•New Passenger Terminal Facility & New ARFF building/capability
•Great Geographic Location
•Strong Professional Engineering Support Services
•Fire Fighting Training Pad
•Healthy Infrastructure with room for Aeronautical Industry growth
•Free Parking for both Aircraft and Automobiles
•Available Ramp Space
•Experienced, Reliable Employees,
•Strong Airline connectivity to Global Markets using Denver gateway
•11 round trips weekly to Denver, including early morning departures and late evening arrivals
•Full Code Share with United, Frequent Flyer miles, competitive connecting fares
•Good Understanding of Federal Regulations & Requirements
•Financially Stable/Sound regionally supported budget (11 year payoff of new Terminal)
•Aggressive Pursuit of External Funds/Grants
•Easy and Convenient Accessibility by Customers
•Good partnership with airline (SkyWest)
•Pilot Ground School, Flight Training is added (Pilot Licensing)
•EAS status
•Good Rental Car
•Improved airport signage
•Ample Airport land available for Economic Development
•Pre-Planned Entrance/Exit road future expansion (2 lanes each way)
•Best training airport location in ND (ILS, VOR, accessible, available etc)

Weaknesses (Internal)
Single airline for Commercial Air Service
•No flights into MSP, loss of MSP destination passengers
•No Delta frequent flyer miles, possible loss of Delta Frequent Flyers
•Lack Modern Jetway Boarding Ramp,for safety and convenience
•No hotels/restaurants in vicinity of airport
•Shortage of hangar space for aircraft owners
•No recent business tenant growth
•No Spray Plane fill area see Master Planning
•Existing hangar situation not managed properly-leases
•Poor ground transportation to/from airport (general aviation)
•Main Runway width is 100 feet wide which limits aircraft size accommodations
•Cross-wind runway width is only 75 feet, should be 100 feet to accommodate CRJ-200
•Lack of charter air service (medical, business, leisure)
•Have "wetlands" on airport grounds
•No association with Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
•Limited FBO Services on airport
•Perceived non-competitive fuel prices
•Perceived maintenance times for General Aviation excessive
•Limited General Aviation Services (no sheet metal work, interiors work, etc)
•Insufficient Parking?

Opportunities (External)
•New & Growing Industries within Community
•Regional Air Service Market Size Growth
•Increased Number of Retirees Projected (More Leisure Travel)
•Increased Tourism for JMS Community
•ND lowest state unemployment rate
•Cargo Distribution Centers (only UPS currently)
•Increased Charter Flights Traffic demand
•Aircraft rental business opportunities
•Ample available lots/space for Airport Industrial Park Tenant Growth
•Develop a relationship with UND Aerospace &/or SDSU to utilize JMS Airport Services
•Potential & new industrial businesses in community (GRE Combined Heat and Power Plant, Ethanol Refinery, Controlled Environment Agriculture business, CHS Fertilizer Plant, Growth in SW development (Menards+), Increased population/air service demand.
•General Aviation growth necessitates more airport focus
•Hampton Inn opened in 2013, other motels interested
•City revamped ordinance to become investor/developer friendly
•City/County jump-started Growth Planning Project with SRF Consulting
•City launched Land Use/Transportation Study
•Downtown Association revamping itself, New Name, Strategic Projects
•Housing Needs Assessment Study completed, expect over 1500 jobs added to region VI by 2020, ignores growth at Spiritwood Energy Park, Need over 600 single/multifamily homes by 2020, Appears very conservative.
•New apartment complex planned near the airport entrance
•Potential for hotel(s) located on the NE side of city near the airport

Threats (External)
•Dependent on EAS Funding which is under extreme scrutiny by Congress
•Only One Airline Serving,FullUnited Code Share
•Mobile JMS Shoppers
•Potential Airport Business Losses
•Extreme Weather
•Bitter Cold/Wind Chill
•Very Limited Available Housing to accommodate community growth
•Very Limited Labor Supply Availability, Massive labor growth demand for new infrastructure
•Limited storm sewer capacity on airport ground

Selected Strategies for 2014-2018
Commercial Air Service (Brent Harris, Jim Boyd, Katie Andersen)
Jetway Boarding Ramp
Growth in SkyWest flights, destinations
Increase Public Relations on new service
Expand market size with DEN destination
Increase cross-wind runway width to 100 ft.
Terminal area growth plan, parking, aircraft accommodation/hangar,
Over 10,000 pax/year increases FAA funding $1M
General Aviation (Jeff Wilhelm, Wayne Mathson, Keith Veil)
Additional Hangars
FBO Services Project, definition, promotion
Promote General Aviation
CAP Promotion
Pursue Aviation Class with JHS/Vo-tech, & U of JMS partnerships
Economic Development Growth (Craig Neys, Katie Andersen, Brent Harris)
Complete the development of Areas 1 & 2, gain necessary approvals, shovel-ready,
Attract Aviation related businesses, Industrial businesses, commercial businesses
•Eliminate Wetlands,develop Area 3