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Jamestown Regional Airport

General Aviation

Jamestown Regional Airport hosts Fuel, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Training, Hangars, and More for Private Pilots. 

Fuel, FBO, & Aircraft Services

Jamestown Regional Airport is home to First Class Aviation for fuel and other FBO services and High Plains Aviation for aircraft maintenance services. 


Self-serve 100LL tank available 24-hours a day, a Jet-A fuel truck, and a 100LL fuel truck available upon request.

First Class Aviation

Airfield Surface Conditions

The Jamestown Regional Airport Operations Team monitors and issues Notices to Airmen via the FAA’s NOTAM Manager application. 

Aircraft storage and Hangars

Jamestown Regional Airport features eight Airport owned T-Hangars rented for aircraft storage and land leases for all other privately owned aircraft storage facilities.  Land leases are available for new hangar construction with access to the Airfield.

Driving Directions

Jamestown Airport is located in North East corner of Jamestown.

Annual Part 139 Driver Training

Meet Our Pilots and Tenants


Mike Jarrett

Hangar V

Jarrett Airspray, Inc

Dennis Nelson

Hangar T

John Nyberg

Hangar B

High Plains Aviation, LLC

Redge Nohrenberg

Hangar U

Farm Air Services

Keith Veil & Casey Veil

Hangar C & D

KVC Properties, LLC

Darwin Remmick

Hangar K, L, & M

Hangar Associates

Hangar E

Kelly Seckerson

Hangar A

Larry Nohrenberg

Hangar 34 Space H

Bob McIlonie

Hangar 34 Space F

McIlonie Family Farms

Roy Seckerson

Hangar 34 Space D

Lance Allen

Hangar 34 Space A

Civil Air Patrol

Hangar 34 Space B

Corey Seckerson

Hangar 34 Space C

Skyforce Travel, LLC

Larry Loose

Hangar 34 Space E

Leo Ryan

Hangar 34 Space G

Al Lamp

Hangar S

Sid Mann

Hangar R Space 4

Matt Brugger

Hangar R Space 6

Sid Mann

Hangar R Space 2

Dennis Nelson

Hangar R Space 5

Grant Schmidt

Hangar R Space 3

Keith Veil & Casey Veil

Hangar R Space 8

KVC Properties, LLC

Business Travel

Hangar R Space 1

Valley Med Flight, Inc

Hangar J

Jamestown Jet Center, Inc

Building I, O, N, & Fueling Area

DBA First Class Aviation Sid Mann